Pressure Cooker’s Liv Bin says some chefs feel threatened due to her young age



 Meet Liv Bin, the Up-and-Coming 25-Year-Old Chef

Liv Bin, a 25-year-old chef and co-owner of a deli in Los Angeles, recently made her debut on Netflix’s Pressure Cooker. Liv’s journey on the show was nothing short of eventful, and her age seemed to ruffle some feathers among her fellow chefs.


Age vs. Experience: Liv’s Struggle with Insecurity

Liv Bin’s participation in Pressure Cooker raised eyebrows as some chefs felt threatened and insecure due to her relatively young age. Liv’s ambition is to become the youngest female chef to earn a prestigious Michelin star, and winning the show could undoubtedly pave the way for her. This clash of generations added an extra layer of drama to the competition.


Liv’s Rollercoaster Journey on Pressure Cooker

Liv’s stint on Pressure Cooker was brief, and she faced an early exit after receiving four elimination votes from her fellow contestants. She confessed to battling stage fright, believing that she could have prepared better dishes than those presented on the show. Despite her elimination, her fellow chefs expressed their support and promised to visit her restaurant.

However, the story didn’t end there. Liv Bin made a surprising return in episode 2, not as a contestant but as a guest judge, evaluating the food prepared by her former housemates. Her resilience and determination to overcome challenges at such a young age left a lasting impression.


 Liv Bin’s Social Media Presence

If you want to keep up with Liv Bin’s culinary journey and see her life beyond Pressure Cooker, you can find her on Instagram under the handle @livbinlivbin. As of now, she has just over 2000 followers on the platform.

Fans of the Netflix cooking show have flocked to Liv’s posts to offer their support and encouragement. One fan commented, “Just started watching the show and rooting for you.” Liv’s online presence reflects the genuine interest and enthusiasm that viewers have for her.

Liv Bin’s story on Pressure Cooker serves as a reminder that talent and determination can transcend age boundaries. Her journey, marked by both setbacks and triumphs, continues to inspire aspiring chefs worldwide.