Ramona Singer Cheated On Ex-Wife: Who Is Bill Luby?



Ramona Singer Finds Love Again

Ramona Singer, known for her appearances on ‘Real Housewives of New York City,’ has a new man in her life. She’s reportedly dating a New Jersey businessman named William “Bill” Luby. The news of their romance has been making waves, and fans are eager to learn more about Bill Luby. Let’s delve into the details of this intriguing relationship.


Bill Luby: The Mystery Man

Bill Luby, often referred to as “Bill Kent,” has become a subject of curiosity on the internet. It appears that both Ramona Singer and Bill wanted to keep their relationship under wraps, hence the use of an alias. Bill, a millionaire, resides in a stunning $1.9 million estate along the New Jersey coast. He is also a partner at the financial firm Seaport Capital, where he collaborates with four other individuals.


A Year of Love

Ramona and Bill recently celebrated their one-year anniversary on Labour Day. According to sources, their relationship is blossoming. A source close to the couple shared, “Ramona has kept his identity confidential, swearing all her friends to secrecy since they started dating after meeting at a Labour Day weekend party.” The source continued, “Bill was going through a costly divorce and wanted to keep their relationship a secret. Now that he’s officially single, their love has grown stronger, and there’s even talk of marriage.”


Bill Luby’s Past Relationship

Bill Luby was previously married to lawyer Eileen O’Hern Luby, but they recently separated. The news of their separation has raised questions among fans, with some speculating about the timing of Bill’s relationship with Ramona. Fans have taken to platforms like Reddit to discuss their thoughts on the situation. One Reddit user commented, “I think there are already rumors that he had an affair with Ramona.” Different users joined the discussion, with one person even claiming that their friend had an affair with Bill back in 1997, just four years into his marriage. Such revelations have left many feeling appalled.



Bill Luby remains a mysterious figure in the public eye, with his relationship with Ramona Singer shrouded in secrecy. Despite the controversies surrounding their romance, it seems that their love has only grown stronger over the past year. As fans continue to speculate and discuss this intriguing relationship, we can only wonder what the future holds for Ramona Singer and Bill Luby.