RIIZE Seunghan’s Hotel Photo Controversy Explained



Remember those days when young love was all about secret meetings and the thrill of teenage romance? Well, it seems like not much has changed, except for the fact that K-pop idols are often under scrutiny for doing what every teenager does. In this article, we’ll delve into the recent controversy surrounding Seunghan from the rookie SM group RIIZE and the unfair criticism he’s been facing for simply being in a relationship.


Seunghan’s Journey with SM Entertainment

Seunghan embarked on his K-pop journey as a trainee at SM Entertainment, a powerhouse company known for producing some of the biggest K-pop acts in history. From Girls Generation to EXO, SM Entertainment has been a launchpad for numerous stars. Seunghan’s journey took him through rigorous training, and he eventually secured a spot in the highly anticipated boy group RIIZE. The group’s pre-debut journey was marked by an impressive 1.6 million Instagram followers eagerly awaiting their official debut.


The Controversy Unfolds

However, just days before RIIZE’s official debut, controversy struck. Intimate photos of Seunghan with his girlfriend in a hotel room started circulating online. This revelation stirred quite a commotion among K-Netizens and fans alike. Some of the allegations made against Seunghan, such as violent tendencies and theft, lacked concrete evidence and appeared to be fueled by baseless speculations.


The Unfounded Accusations

Among the unverified accusations were claims that Seunghan had displayed violent behavior towards his girlfriend, stolen from fellow trainees, and neglected his girlfriend’s well-being when she allegedly had an abortion. These allegations also suggested that he made his girlfriend pay for her travel expenses and had engaged in cheating, while simultaneously degrading women and exhibiting chauvinistic behavior. It’s essential to note that these claims remain unproven and may be the product of unfounded rumors.


Mixed Reactions and Online Backlash

The controversy ignited a heated online debate. Some K-Netizens criticized Seunghan for his alleged actions, expressing disappointment and a feeling of betrayal as fans. They believed that idols should maintain a certain image and not engage in romantic relationships. However, this viewpoint did not resonate with all K-Netizens and international fans, who swiftly came to Seunghan’s defense.


Understanding the Backlash

The vehement reaction to Seunghan’s personal life raises important questions about the expectations placed on K-pop idols. Should they be denied the same experiences and relationships that are considered normal for teenagers? The concept of holding K-pop idols to different standards and subjecting them to intense scrutiny for pursuing personal relationships seems outdated and unjust.



Seunghan’s hotel photo controversy highlights the complexities and challenges faced by K-pop idols in navigating their personal lives in the public eye. While some fans demand a certain level of perfection from their idols, it’s crucial to remember that K-pop stars are human beings with the right to experience love and relationships. As RIIZE prepares for its debut, Seunghan’s journey serves as a reminder that K-pop idols should be allowed to lead fulfilling personal lives without unwarranted criticism and judgment.