Robocop Remake Scene 27 A Bloody Homage to the Original”



When you hear the word “Robocop,” your mind might instantly jump to the 1987 movie set in a crime-ridden Detroit. This film told the story of a fallen police officer reborn as a cybernetic law enforcer named Robocop, and it became a huge hit. But did you know there was a remake in 2014? It didn’t quite match up to the original, especially in a particular scene, Scene 27.


The 2014 Remake:

In 2014, a new version of Robocop hit the big screen, with Joel Kinnaman taking on the role of Robocop. Directed by José Padilha, this remake didn’t capture the same magic as the original. It struggled at the box office, earning just $242 million against a budget ranging from $100 to $130 million. On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds a meager 49% rating.


Scene 27 Revisited:

Scene 27 in the original Robocop film was notorious for its extreme violence, earning the movie an “R” rating. In this scene, Robocop, also known as Alex Murphy, confronts armed criminals during a robbery. He uses excessive force and nearly kills one of the robbers, even shooting another in a rather sensitive area.


The Birth of a Remake:

Fast forward to a group of 55 filmmakers and 10 actors who came together to create a unique homage to the 1987 classic. Their project, named “Our Robocop Remake,” was funded by the crowd, and it aimed to recreate various scenes from the original movie, Scene 27 being a standout.


Scene 27 Redux:

What made Scene 27 in the original film so memorable was a rather graphic moment where Alex Murphy shoots a thug in a sensitive area. This scene was over-the-top, and fans couldn’t resist the temptation to remake it. However, in this reimagined version, the gore was dialed up to the max. It wasn’t just one unfortunate victim – multiple individuals experienced a similar fate, in increasingly gruesome ways.


Not for the Faint-Hearted:

If you think this remake is for the faint-hearted, think again. Unlike the 2014 official Robocop remake, which aimed for a PG-13 rating, this version pays a true homage to the original and doesn’t hold back. If released, it would undoubtedly earn an R rating, and perhaps even go beyond that.


A Collaborative Effort:

So, what exactly is this remake? It’s a collaborative project featuring 55 filmmakers who directed 55 scenes from the film. Ten actors took on the iconic role of Robocop, Alex Murphy. But it wasn’t all live-action; some scenes were animated, and the remake even included two musicals, drag performances, modern dance, and more. Original scenes from the 1987 Robocop film were cleverly integrated to anchor the remake.


Freedom in Filmmaking:

David Seger, the producer of the Robocop remake, explained that the filmmakers were given certain plot points to follow, along with a few visual elements that had to be included, such as Officer Anne Lewis always appearing in a blonde wig and blue cap and shirt. But beyond that, they had creative freedom to interpret the scenes as they saw fit.


The Filmmakers’ Vision:

The makers of “Our RoboCop Remake” described their project as a crowd-sourced film based on the 1987 classic. Their group, consisting of both amateur and professional filmmakers from Los Angeles and New York, dismantled the original RoboCop into individual pieces and rebuilt the movie, not necessarily shot-for-shot, but scene-for-scene. They wanted to pay tribute to the original while offering their unique perspective on the story.



“Robocop Remake Scene 27” is a bold and gory tribute to a classic film moment. It’s a testament to the creativity of a group of filmmakers who wanted to do justice to the iconic original. While the 2014 Robocop remake may have fallen short in some aspects, this unique reinterpretation of Scene 27 certainly doesn’t hold back, offering a gruesome and unforgettable take on a memorable cinematic moment.