Rolling Stones drop music video for ‘Angry’ starring Sydney Sweeney



Sydney Sweeney Rocks in Rolling Stones’ New Music Video

Sydney Sweeney, the rising star, has taken the internet by storm recently. People all over the world are curious to know more about her. This article will provide you with all the details you need about her and the latest viral news surrounding her.


Sydney Sweeney in Rolling Stones’ “Angry” Music Video

This summer, Sydney Sweeney was spotted in Los Angeles, filming a music video. Many speculated that she might be making a career switch from acting to music. However, this wasn’t a sneak peek at her character, Cassie, in the upcoming season of “Euphoria.” It was due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Now, after a few months of waiting, the Rolling Stones have finally released the music video for their latest single, “Angry.”

In the video, Sydney Sweeney transforms into a rock and roll diva, perched on the hood of a red car as she strolls down Sunset Boulevard. Her distinctive blonde hair dances in the wind, and billboards light up with images of the legendary band.


Sydney’s Rocker Transformation

Sydney swapped her usual attire for a more Rolling Stones-inspired look. She donned a daring corset with a front zip, star-shaped chaps, and beaded shorts. Her outfit was a perfect match as she strummed her air guitar in the video. It’s safe to say that her attire wouldn’t be out of place even at Euphoria High School.

The Rolling Stones’ upcoming album, “Hackney Diamonds,” their first full-length release since 2005, features “Angry” as the lead track. But Sydney Sweeney isn’t the only notable name associated with the album.


A Star-Studded Collaboration

On October 20th, Lady Gaga will join forces with the rock legends for the song “Sweet Sound Of Heaven.” During a press conference, Sydney Sweeney expressed her excitement about being a part of the video. “I freaked out and called my family,” she revealed. “It’s the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. I love the song, and it keeps playing in my head, even though I didn’t know it would be the first single.”

However, Sydney’s current career isn’t solely about Rock & Roll. The 25-year-old actress took a break from Hollywood to grace the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival over the weekend.



Sydney Sweeney’s journey from acting to music in the Rolling Stones’ “Angry” music video has certainly created a buzz. With Lady Gaga also set to join forces with the iconic band, it’s a thrilling time for music enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the world of entertainment, and keep rocking with Sydney Sweeney and the Rolling Stones!