Rory Cellan Jones Health And Illness: What Happened To British Journalist?



The online world is buzzing with talk about Rory Cellan Jones, a renowned British journalist whose health has taken center stage. For four decades, he was a familiar face at the BBC, where he covered technology news. But in August 2021, he surprised everyone by announcing his departure from the BBC, marking a significant shift in his career.


Rory’s Battle with Parkinson’s Disease

One of the major talking points concerning Rory Cellan Jones is his health. In January 2019, he received a life-changing diagnosis – Parkinson’s disease. This condition affects the nervous system and brings about involuntary movements, tremors, stiffness, and problems with balance and coordination. Rory chose to keep this diagnosis a secret at first, but in May 2019, he decided to open up about it on Twitter.

In his tweet, he confessed, “Some of you might have noticed my hand shaking during my live 5G broadcast today. So, it seems like a good time to disclose that I’ve recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.” He also reassured his followers, saying, “I’m receiving excellent treatment, and my symptoms are currently mild, so I’m continuing with my normal activities. Onwards and upwards!”


Living with Parkinson’s

Fast forward to 2023, and Rory Cellan Jones is still dealing with Parkinson’s disease, a condition that became a part of his life in 2019. It’s crucial to understand that, as of now, there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. However, there are treatments available to manage its symptoms and improve one’s quality of life. Rory has shared that he has been living with Parkinson’s for four years now and maintains a positive outlook on his situation.


A Life Well Lived

Despite his health challenges, Rory Cellan Jones seems to be enjoying a good quality of life without any major complications. Those who want to keep up with his activities can find him on Twitter under the handle @ruskin147. Rory may have retired from his journalism career, but he remains active in the public eye.

Currently, he is associated with Health Data Research UK as a speaker. His journey, marked by his experiences with health conditions and his passion for technology, sheds light on the digital transformation of healthcare. Rory is also a strong advocate for the responsible use of patient data in research. Since stepping away from broadcasting, he has actively participated in various events, which he shares with his Twitter followers.



In the world of journalism and technology, Rory Cellan Jones has left an indelible mark. His battle with Parkinson’s disease has been an inspiration to many, showing that a positive outlook and determination can help overcome even the most challenging situations. While he may have retired from one chapter of his life, he continues to contribute to the field of healthcare and technology, making a lasting impact on those he encounters.