Salud De Silvina Luna health update: The Last Medical Report



In this article, we bring you the latest information about Silvina Luna, a name that has garnered much attention. People are searching the internet to learn more about her, particularly regarding her health condition, as her medical reports have been released. We aim to provide our readers with a comprehensive update on Silvina Luna’s current situation.


Positive Signs of Recovery

Silvina Luna’s family and friends, through their attorney Fernando Burlando, have shared encouraging news. It has been a month since her admission to the Italian Hospital on June 13. According to the recent medical evaluation conducted by the Buenos Aires health facility, Silvina Luna is “lucid and with stable vital signs.” This is a positive indication of her ongoing recovery.


Continued Care and Rehabilitation

The latest assessment reveals that Silvina is receiving oral nutrition and undergoing dialysis therapy three times a week. Additionally, she is engaged in a muscle rehabilitation program to regain her strength. Due to her favorable progress, there are plans to transfer her to a general hospitalization room in the coming days, where she will receive the necessary care. This development signifies a step forward in her recovery journey.


Upcoming Medical Report

More detailed information about Silvina Luna’s health and progress will be provided after receiving the epicrisis report on Friday, as announced by the family’s attorney, Fernando Burlando. This update is a response to the genuine concern and support expressed by the public since the beginning of Silvina’s medical journey.


Awake and Engaged in Rehabilitation

Silvina Luna is now awake and actively participating in daily kinesiology exercises. Although there was a period where she needed to be intubated in a pharmacological coma, she has since emerged from it. According to reports, she is alert, albeit under significant medication to manage her discomfort. Silvina is even using her cell phone, although she may not be responding to messages at this time.


Dedicated Rehabilitation Efforts

The diligent work of the kinesiologists plays a crucial role in Silvina’s recovery process. She receives kinesiology sessions every day. Being confined to bed for a month, the focus now is on helping her regain the strength to walk and move independently. The combined efforts of the medical team and kinesiologists are directed towards Silvina’s full recuperation.

In conclusion, Silvina Luna’s recent medical evaluation showcases encouraging signs of progress. Her family, friends, and medical team are committed to her well-being and recovery. As Silvina continues on her journey to regain her strength, we will keep our readers updated with any further developments. Stay tuned for more updates on this inspiring recovery story.