Sammie Cimarelli from The Circle’s baby daddy is American actor Spence Moore II



Sammie Cimarelli, known for her appearance on “The Circle,” surprised fans when she revealed her pregnancy in January 2022. As viewers revisit past seasons of the show, they’ve discovered that Sammie is now a mother. While Sammie earned recognition for her third-place finish on “The Circle” and a fan-favorite award worth $10,000, her personal life remained a topic of curiosity. This article explores the identity of Sammie’s baby daddy, who happens to be American actor Spence Moore II.


Sammie’s Journey on “The Circle”

In 2019, Sammie Cimarelli made her mark on the reality TV series “The Circle.” She captured third place in the competition and clinched the fan-favorite award, securing a substantial $10,000 prize. Her newfound fame shed light on her relationship with Kenny Gamble, which was once publicly acknowledged.

However, as time passed, the couple ceased sharing photos together on social media, leading to speculation about their relationship status. Eventually, Sammie entered a new phase of her life.


Meet the Baby Daddy: Spence Moore II

Sammie’s baby daddy is none other than American actor Spence Moore II. The couple made their pregnancy announcement in a now-deleted joint Instagram post in January 2022. Sammie revealed that their child was expected to arrive later in the same year.

In a heartwarming video shared by Spence, the expectant parents were seen dancing, sharing kisses, and tenderly embracing Sammie’s growing belly. Spence expressed his joy with the words, “Everything I wanted.”


Spence Moore II’s Acting Career

Spence Moore II, at 25 years old, boasts a successful acting career. He has appeared in notable shows and series, including “Five Points” in 2018, “A.P. Bio” from 2018 to 2021, and “All American.” Despite his achievements, Spence remained relatively private about his relationship with Sammie.

The couple did share a picture together in December 2021 at the Dodgers Holiday Festival, where they appeared affectionate. However, they rarely posted images of their relationship on social media platforms.


A Peek into Their Relationship

Sammie and Spence’s relationship was kept out of the spotlight for the most part. Fans gained insight into their connection in September 2021 when Spence publicly expressed his feelings for Sammie. In a heartfelt message shared on E News, Spence conveyed his deep affection, referring to Sammie as his person, biggest fan, greatest supporter, and lifelong partner.

However, since the birth of their child, Sammie and Spence have maintained a low profile on social media. Any existing photos of the couple have been deleted from their Instagram accounts.


Sammie’s Life After “The Circle”

After her journey on “The Circle,” Sammie embraced motherhood and embarked on a new chapter of her life. She briefly dated Kenny following her third-place finish but ultimately found love with Spence. Recently, she enjoyed travel adventures with her son Brae, exploring California, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Sammie candidly shared her experiences as a single mom, reflecting on how life had taken unexpected turns. She expressed her deep bond with Brae and the joys of motherhood, even if it wasn’t originally in her life’s plan.

In addition to her mom duties, Sammie has been collaborating with brands like Adidas through paid partnerships. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunities that 2022 had brought her and delighted in sharing precious moments with her son, who was born in April.



Sammie Cimarelli’s journey from “The Circle” to motherhood has been filled with surprises and transformations. While her relationship with Kenny garnered attention during the show, it’s her connection with American actor Spence Moore II that has led to a new chapter in her life. As she navigates the joys and challenges of motherhood, Sammie continues to embrace new opportunities and create cherished memories with her son Brae.