SAS Who Dares Wins: Get to know Dilksy and the interrogator team



Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins recently concluded its Jungle Hell series, leaving just three contestants standing tall. Among the many challenges they face, interrogation is perhaps the most daunting. Let’s get to know one of the key members of the interrogation team, Dilksy.


1. The Seasoned Interrogation Team

Debs, John, and Dilksy, along with the Umpire, formed the formidable interrogation team in Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins season 3. These experts bring over 30 years of experience from war zones to this crucial phase of the competition.

2. Dilksy: The Psychological Warrior

Dilksy, a returning member to the Jungle Hell edition in 2023, emphasizes the psychological aspect of their role. He mentions, “We are in a position of power, it’s psychological warfare. I don’t get nicer as you get more tired and hungry.” His presence adds a layer of intensity to the interrogation phase.


3. Dilksy’s Journey: From 2020 to Jungle Hell

While some faces have changed in the interrogation team over the seasons, Dilksy remains a consistent force. He previously appeared on the show in 2020, where he confronted participants like Joey Essex. His experience sheds light on the unpredictable nature of the environment and the instinctual responses it can trigger.


4. Dilksy: Behind the Scenes

While Dilksy may not be present on Instagram, the SAS Who Dares Wins IG page offers a glimpse into his personality. Described as a “pussy cat really” by the page, it seems that Dilksy’s demeanor might surprise the celebrities he interrogates.


5. Viewer Reactions: Dilksy’s Impact

As the interrogation episode unfolded, viewers had mixed reactions. Some were surprised at Dilksy’s seemingly kinder approach, while others speculated how they would fare in the hot seat. It’s a testament to Dilksy’s enigmatic presence on the show.


Conclusion: Dilksy – A Force to be Reckoned With

In the intense world of SAS Who Dares Wins, Dilksy stands as a vital figure in the interrogation team. His psychological tactics add a unique dimension to this demanding phase of the competition. With a reputation that precedes him, Dilksy’s role remains central to the riveting dynamics of the show.