Scottie Chapman Now Where Is Mythbusters Host What Is She Doing



Scottie’s Career Transition

Scottie Chapman, known for her time on the popular TV show ‘MythBusters,’ has made a significant career change. She’s not just skilled at metal fabrication; she’s also a dental hygienist now.


 Back to School for Dental Hygiene

After dedicating three years to ‘MythBusters’ starting in 2003, Scottie decided to go back to school to study dental hygiene.


 Becoming a Registered Dental Hygienist

Scottie graduated from Diablo Valley College in 2013 and is now a successful registered dental hygienist (RDH) in Maryland.


A Dual Career

Besides her dental hygiene work, Scottie served as an Educational Consultant for Tepe Oral Hygiene Products Limited for nearly five years, starting in March 2013.


Scottie’s Diverse Skills

Chapman isn’t just a dental hygienist; she’s also skilled in metal fabrication. Her unique background includes experiences as a horse trainer, telemarketer, and welder.


‘MythBusters’ Days

Before her dental hygiene career, Scottie was part of the hit TV show ‘MythBusters,’ where she showcased her expertise in welding, machining, and metal fabrication.


A Multitalented Individual

Scottie’s profile also mentions her experience in set-building, carpentry, model-making, and architectural restoration. She has even taught high school metal fabrication and studied special-effects make-up.


 A Musical Side

Scottie’s talents go beyond her careers. She played bass guitar with the band, Wizards of Ozzie, known for performing “lounge” covers of Black Sabbath songs.


Unconventional Hobbies

Surprisingly, Scottie is also a skilled belly and fire dancer. She has a passion for racing and competes in full-contact auto races with her 1973 Lincoln Mark IV race car.


 Personal Life and Family

Scottie Chapman was born on October 10, 1963, in Virginia Beach, making her 59 years old now. She grew up in Maryland and, according to her social media, is a married woman with two children. Her husband, Tyler Lee Osborn, occasionally appears on her Instagram.


 Net Worth Speculation

Although her net worth is undisclosed, given her successful career as a host and dental hygienist, it’s safe to assume that Scottie enjoys a substantial fortune.


A Low-Key Lifestyle

Despite her potential wealth, Scottie prefers to live a modest and private life.


A ‘MythBusters’ Replacement

Scottie, along with Kari Byron and Tory Belleci, joined ‘MythBusters’ in the first season. However, she left the show in the third season and was replaced by Grant Imahara.


Where Are Other ‘MythBusters’ Stars Today?

  • Adam Savage: Adam now hosts a podcast called the Adam Savage Project and tests theories on his web series, Tested.
  • Jamie Hyneman: The show’s driving force has maintained a low profile and was associated with the series ‘Tested’ before leaving in 2016.
  • Kari Byron: Despite not initially signing up for the show, Kari used persistence to secure her place. After ‘MythBusters,’ she worked on ‘Thrill Factor’ and the ‘White Rabbit Project.’
  • Tory Belleci: Tory continued working on TV and movie projects after ‘MythBusters’ and appeared on ‘Thrill Factor’ and ‘White Rabbit Project.’
  • Grant Imahara: Grant left ‘MythBusters’ after season 14 and pursued acting. He tragically passed away due to an aneurysm.
  • Jessi Combs: Jessi replaced the building team on ‘MythBusters’ and later appeared on shows like ‘All Girls Garage’ and ‘Overhaulin’.’ She became the fastest woman on four wheels, reaching 398 miles per hour before her tragic car accident.
  • Robert Lee: Robert narrated the U.S. version of ‘MythBusters’ but has kept a low profile since.

Scottie Chapman’s journey from ‘MythBusters’ to a successful dental hygienist showcases her diverse skills and interests, making her a unique and memorable figure in the world of television.