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The Viral Video Shocking Everyone

Dameyon Massey, a preacher from North Carolina, is facing a lot of attention due to a video that’s gone viral on Twitter. In this article, we’ll break down what happened and why people are talking about it.


Who is Dameyon Massey?

Dameyon Massey is a preacher, and he serves as the senior pastor at Divine Glory Kingdom Temple International Ministries. He’s known for describing himself as an “Apostolic, Prophetic Preacher” and looks up to preachers like Dr. Cindy Trim, Pastor Rod Parsley, and Bishop T.D. Jakes.


The Controversial Video

Apostle Dameyon Massey found himself in hot water when a video involving him started circulating online. This video led to a lot of controversy and discussions on social media.


 The Apology Video

In response to the viral video, Dameyon Massey released a video statement asking for forgiveness. He addressed the situation in a Facebook video, breaking his silence on the matter.


Allegations and Screenshots

The controversy centers around allegations of a sexual encounter between Dameyon Massey and someone who used to be a member of his congregation. Screenshots of their private text messages, which seemed inappropriate, added fuel to the fire.


The Text Messages

According to the screenshots, the preacher allegedly sent messages like, “I’ll be there in like 20 minutes, make sure that a** and d*** is ready.” In his apology video, Dameyon Massey admitted to making a mistake and failing to address various problems in his life.

Relationship Status

Rumors have swirled about the relationship between Dameyon Massey and Roderick Jones. Despite the rumors, there is no valid marriage certificate to confirm their marriage.


Friends with Benefits?

The individual involved in the controversy claimed they had a “friends with benefits” relationship with the preacher. Despite their close bond, he felt alienated from the Christian community. Dameyon Massey addressed the controversy in his video apology and took responsibility for his actions.



Dameyon Massey’s video controversy has caught the attention of many on Twitter and beyond. The preacher’s apology video reflects his acknowledgment of his mistakes and the challenges he has faced. The situation continues to unfold, and people are closely following the developments in this ongoing controversy.