Shazia Marri Latest News: NAB raid on Shazia Marri’s house?


In the recent days, you might have stumbled upon a viral story circulating on the internet, claiming that NAB (National Accountability Bureau) had conducted a raid on Shazia Marri’s residence, recovering a staggering sum of Rs 97 billion. Shazia Marri, a former member of the provincial assembly of Sindh and the federal minister for the Benazir Income Support Programme, found herself at the center of this controversy. Let’s delve into the facts and separate truth from fiction.


No Arrest, No Raid

First and foremost, it’s crucial to clarify that Shazia Marri has not been arrested. Contrary to the rumors, there has been no arrest of the former provincial minister of the Pakistan People’s Party, Shazia Marri. Furthermore, the sensational claim of NAB conducting a raid at her residence and recovering a colossal amount of 97 billion Rupees lacks any substantial basis.

Despite the absence of credible reports or trustworthy sources supporting these allegations, some individuals have embraced the narrative that NAB indeed raided her house and seized billions of rupees. Such unfounded speculations can lead to unnecessary confusion and division among the public.

One concerned citizen, believing these unverified claims, expressed on social media, “If a minister has earned 97 billion in 16 months, how much will the others have earned?” It’s essential to refrain from propagating unconfirmed rumors about public figures, as it can fuel unwarranted outrage within society.


Shazia Marri Responds

In response to the swirling rumors about a raid at her residence, Shazia Marri, the former provincial minister of Sindh, has taken a stance. On Sunday, September 3, 2023, Shazia Marri utilized social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), to dismiss the allegations as fake news.

She also vowed to take legal action against those responsible for spreading this false information. In her statement, Shazia Marri expressed her gratitude to those who debunked the #FakeNews related to her. She acknowledged the overwhelming support from individuals who rejected the malicious propaganda and highlighted the ill intentions of those behind it.

Shazia Marri’s message read, “I’m grateful to all who exposed the #FakeNews related to me. Am touched by the overwhelming replies to the nasty propaganda that only exposes the sick minds of those who have nothing better to do. Will be taking legal action against those who’ve spread this fake news. Thank you.”



it’s imperative to exercise caution and perform diligent fact-checking before sharing sensitive news, especially when it pertains to public figures. As this situation unfolds, we will keep you updated with any further developments and verified information.