Shima Luan Disappearence Where Is She Now



Shima Luan, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, made a name for herself on YouTube with her channel, Danger Dolan, back in January 2008. Her videos covered everything from educational content to captivating stories, earning her a massive following. She was also a prominent figure on Super Planet Dolan, the animation channel of Planet Dolan. Shima’s soothing voice and unique charm endeared her to fans of all ages.


The Disappearance

In the fall of 2016, a surprising announcement sent shockwaves through the YouTube community. Danger Dolan’s channel revealed that they hadn’t been in contact with Shima for a while, leaving her fans puzzled and concerned. The lack of details surrounding her absence fueled two contrasting speculations. Some believed a dark secret was being hidden, while others empathized with the possibility of personal struggles, including mental health issues.

Despite the speculations, the truth remained elusive, known only to Shima herself. Her sudden departure left her dedicated fans deeply perplexed and saddened.


ScareTheater Analysis

For nearly four years, there was no significant update on Shima’s whereabouts. Then, on February 12, 2020, YouTube user ScareTheater examined Shima’s disappearance in a video. Hellbent, a member of the Dolan crew, shed some light on the situation in the comments. He emphasized the need to respect Shima’s privacy and expressed that performers in cartoons, like Shima, should be seen as characters rather than real people.

According to Hellbent, Shima is safe, but the reasons behind her disappearance remain private and likely always will be.


Profile Picture Change

On December 23, 2020, Shima made a significant change to her profile picture, replacing it with a black and white photograph of crumpled leaves. This alteration sparked various speculations within the community. Some hoped it hinted at Shima’s return, while others believed it had no particular meaning. A few even wondered if her account had been compromised or if she changed her profile picture as a signal to reassure her followers of her well-being.


Hints of a Return

In 2022, Super Planet Dolan was revived, featuring Dolan and a new character, Dark, in a storyline involving the old cast members of Planet Dolan. Then, in December 2022, a YouTube community post hinted at Shima Luan’s possible return to Super Planet Dolan. This news excited her fans, who have long been waiting for her comeback.



The enigmatic disappearance of Shima Luan remains a mystery, with no clear answers in sight. While fans eagerly await her return, it’s essential to remember the importance of respecting her privacy and understanding that online personas, like Shima, may have reasons for stepping away from the public eye. As the YouTube community continues to speculate, one thing is certain – Shima Luan’s legacy endures, leaving an indelible mark on her devoted followers.