Showtime TV Show Ratings Vs. E.a.t Bulaga! 2023 (Updated)



In this article, we delve into the world of Philippine television, specifically focusing on the popular show “Eat Bulaga!” The public’s curiosity about this show, along with its ratings and timing, has driven many to search for information on the internet. To satisfy our readers’ curiosity, we’ve gathered details about the show and its current ratings.


Eat Bulaga: A Noontime Show Extravaganza

Hosted by Isko Moreno, “Eat Bulaga!” has been a staple of Philippine television for years. Isko Moreno himself weighed in on the competition between rival noontime programs, namely “E.A.T.” and “It’s Showtime,” expressing his anticipation that these programs would engage in a ratings battle filled with drama and excitement.

Isko shared his thoughts during an interview on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda.” He acknowledged that competition tends to bring out the best in performers, saying, “Well, that’s natural considering all the hype and drama that have occurred over the previous few days. Now, if there will be a buffet like in this case, lalabas lahat ng galing ng mga artista kasi may kumpitensiya.”


The Battle of Ratings

To provide a clearer picture of the ratings race, let’s look at the numbers. According to Nielsen NUTAM Overnight Data, “E.A.T.” secured an average minute rating of 8.4%. Meanwhile, “It’s Showtime” achieved a total rating of 3.94% across three different channels, and “Eat Bulaga!” received a rating of 2.62%.

Isko Moreno emphasized that the hosts of rival noontime shows should not engage in hostility. He encouraged cooperation, saying, “Kumbaga, parang ang point ko, let’s not sow discord and hope that someone will take a favorable view of you. Aapakan mo ‘yung likod nang may likod o paa nang may paa, para tumaas ka.”


A Positive Perspective

Isko Moreno also shared a positive outlook on the situation, highlighting the importance of unity and mutual support among industry peers. He said, “We should be happy that so many people are watching this right now, so magtulungan tayo. There are numerous options available. There are plenty of opportunities, and people will find the noontime shows to be exciting.”


The Secret to E.A.T.’s Success

According to Jose Bartolome, a senior lecturer on broadcast communications at the UP College of Mass Communications, one reason for E.A.T.’s high ratings could be the anticipation among viewers. The entertainers had not been seen for a month after they left TAPE on May 31. Many devoted viewers eagerly awaited their return on free television.

The TV5 administration also made significant efforts to boost viewership. They provided all of their subscribers with digital satellite television, offering free access to TV5 Standard Definition (SD) Channel 5 from July 1 to July 8.

As the ratings battle continues in the world of Philippine noontime television, it’s clear that viewers can look forward to exciting and competitive content. Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite shows, and may the spirit of healthy competition prevail.