Sourav Joshi Vlogs Car: Finally gets SUPER CAR Porch Delivery



Sourav Joshi, a renowned Indian vlogger with a staggering 22 million subscribers, has been making waves in the world of social media. His recent acquisition of a brand-new supercar has left his fans and followers buzzing with curiosity. In a recent YouTube video titled “Finally Super Car Ki Delivery Le Li,” Sourav Joshi shared the exciting moment of receiving his supercar. With over 6 million views and trending at #8 in India, this video has taken the internet by storm. Let’s dive into the details and find out more about Sourav Joshi’s new supercar.


Sourav Joshi’s Impressive Car Collection

Before adding his new supercar to the collection, Youtuber Sourav Joshi already boasted an impressive lineup of vehicles. Among his prized possessions are a Toyota Fortuner Legender, Mahindra Thar, and a Toyota Innova Crysta. Sourav Joshi isn’t just about four wheels; he’s also a two-wheeler enthusiast, owning a KTM 200 Duke and a Hero HF Deluxe. At just 22 years old, with a birthday on the horizon next month, Sourav Joshi’s accomplishments are truly remarkable.


From Haldwani to YouTube Stardom

Hailing from Haldwani, Uttarakhand, Sourav Joshi pursued a Fine Arts Degree at a college in Hansi, Haryana. In 2021, he even made an appearance in a music video titled “Mauja.” Sourav’s immense success on YouTube has not only garnered him a massive fan following but has also opened doors for brand promotions and sponsorships. He frequently showcases his collection of cars and bikes in his vlogs, with his trusty HF Deluxe being a constant companion.


Unveiling Sourav Joshi’s Net Worth

Following the release of Sourav Joshi’s New Car Delivery video on YouTube, his followers have been eager to uncover his net worth. The Youtuber has amassed an impressive net worth of approximately Rs 24 crore. His videos rake in millions of views daily, allowing him to earn a substantial income through Google Adsense. Upon purchasing his Porsche supercar, one fan extended their blessings with the words, “God bless you Saurav…many more achievements to come, but may you always remain as humble, pure, and down to earth as you’ve always been.”



Sourav Joshi’s journey from Haldwani to YouTube stardom and his remarkable car collection have been a source of inspiration for many. With his recent addition of a Porsche supercar to his fleet, he continues to capture the hearts of millions. As we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Sourav Joshi’s vlogging journey, let’s celebrate his success and look forward to more exciting content from this young Indian sensation.