South Africa: Ntsiki Mazwai Calls Out DJ Zinhle For Exploiting Kairo Forbes



DJ Zinhle Faces Criticism

Ntsiki Mazwai, a South African performer, has raised concerns about DJ Zinhle’s actions involving Kairo Forbes, the daughter of the late AKA. DJ Zinhle has faced backlash for her recent decision to have Kairo Forbes perform one of her father’s songs at a music event honoring the late rapper.


Kairo Forbes’ Emotional Performance

During the 947 Joburg Day event, young Kairo Forbes delivered a heartfelt performance of her father’s song. She joined her mother, Lynn Forbes, alongside Nadia Nakai and Kiernan, creating an emotional moment for the audience. The event aimed to pay tribute to the late AKA, who tragically lost his life in February in Durban due to a fatal shooting.


Ntsiki Mazwai’s Concerns

Using the platform X (formerly known as Twitter), Ntsiki Mazwai expressed her concerns regarding DJ Zinhle’s decision. She criticized what she perceived as a poor parenting choice, accusing DJ Zinhle of exploiting her daughter for marketing purposes. In a now-deleted post, Mazwai stated that while Kairo’s loss was heartbreaking, using her in public relations was unfortunate.


Artists and Parenting Responsibilities

Mazwai continued her critique by highlighting that many artists have children, but most choose to shield them from the spotlight. She argued that children should not be forced into the public eye, especially during moments of grief. Her comments raised a broader discussion about parenting responsibilities in the entertainment industry.


 Concerns from Various Quarters

Ntsiki Mazwai was not the only one to voice concerns about DJ Zinhle’s actions. Women For Change, an anti-gender-based-violence NGO, also criticized DJ Zinhle for using her daughter for “content.” This sentiment was echoed by other X users who believed that Kairo should have been allowed to mourn in peace instead of being thrust into the spotlight.



the controversy surrounding DJ Zinhle’s decision to have Kairo Forbes perform her late father’s song has sparked a debate about the responsibilities of artists as parents. Ntsiki Mazwai and others have raised concerns about the potential exploitation of children in the entertainment industry, emphasizing the importance of protecting them from undue pressure and public exposure during difficult times. This issue highlights the need for thoughtful consideration when involving young children in the world of show business.