Starfield Keeps Crashing & Freezing On PC? Here’s All The Fixes To Try



 Starfield PC Woes

Gamers diving into the cosmic adventure of Starfield have been encountering some bumpy space rides. First, it was the early access glitches, and now, the spotlight is on PC players facing game crashes and freezes.

PC Gaming Variation

It’s no secret that playing Starfield on a PC might offer a different experience compared to Xbox. PC setups vary widely, affecting how smoothly the game runs.


 PC Hardware Challenges

Starfield’s colossal size demands powerful hardware, but not all PCs meet the requirements. Some PCs with Intel chips and AMD GPUs are struggling, leaving gamers frustrated. These issues can disrupt gameplay, forcing players back to their desktops.


How to Resolve Starfield Crashes on PC

Many players have shared tales of Starfield crashing just minutes into the game. This is exasperating, considering the high anticipation surrounding the game’s release. The official Starfield Twitter account has acknowledged the issue and pledged to address it before the September 6 general release. In the meantime, gamers have come up with some handy workarounds.


 Traditional Reboot

A simple yet effective solution is restarting your PC. Surprisingly, this old-school trick has worked wonders for many players. Restarting your PC ensures a clean reboot with only essential startup apps running, allowing you to delve back into the game you’ve been eagerly waiting for.

Tweaking Graphics Settings

If you’re running Starfield on an AMD graphics card and it’s crashing early in the game, try turning off Dynamic Resolution and Upscaling. Some players have reported smoother gameplay after making this adjustment. Dynamic Resolution can strain your PC by rendering games at higher resolutions than your display can handle.


 Lower Graphics Settings

Sometimes, the culprit behind crashes might be your system struggling with high graphics settings. To fix this issue, consider reducing the graphics resolution or texture settings. This tweak has proven effective for many gamers.


Verify Game Files or Reinstall

A potential cause of crashes could be a corrupted file in your game’s installation directory. To tackle this, try reinstalling the game and verifying the integrity of game files. Additionally, ensure your Windows software is up to date, as outdated software can also lead to problems.


 Share Your Solution

While these solutions have worked for many players, the Starfield community thrives on shared experiences. Let us know which fix has helped you get back into the interstellar adventure.



Starfield’s launch on PC has brought its share of challenges, but the gaming community is resilient. While official solutions are on the horizon, these practical fixes can help you enjoy your cosmic journey without the frustrations of crashes and freezes. Stay tuned for more updates and share your success stories with fellow gamers!