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Vertigo, a classic film by Alfred Hitchcock from 1958, is known as one of his best works alongside Psycho. Despite not being a commercial hit initially, it remains a cherished thriller of its time. Recently, a video game based on Vertigo was released in 2021, sparking excitement among fans. However, many were left puzzled after experiencing the game.


The Mysterious Scene

In the film, there’s a moment where Scottie encounters Madeleine for the second time by the inn’s window. Strangely, the innkeeper denies knowing anyone by that name and even presents a key as proof. This raises a perplexing question: how did Madeleine vanish from the inn so swiftly?

While some believe it may be a tactic to engage the audience’s imagination or to hint at Scottie’s hallucinations, another theory suggests the innkeeper might be part of Gavin Elster’s scheme, possibly holding a spare key. Hitchcock never explicitly clarified this, leading some to feel a bit cheated by the lack of explanation.


Comparing Film and Game

The film’s storyline revolves around Scottie, a retired detective grappling with a fear of heights and vertigo. His friend Gavin Elster recruits him to tail a girl named Madeleine, suspecting her of being possessed. Tragically, events lead to Madeleine’s fall from a bell tower. A year later, Scottie encounters a woman named Judy, strikingly similar to Madeleine, unraveling a sinister plot.

In the game, we meet Ed Miller, a writer traumatized by a car crash that claimed his wife and daughter. Struggling with vertigo, Ed seeks therapy to uncover the truth. The game utilizes the concept of vertigo, but the story is entirely separate from Hitchcock’s original.



While the Vertigo game draws inspiration from the classic film, it forges its own path with a unique story centered around vertigo. The use of Hitchcock’s name aims to attract fans of the original movie. Have you experienced both Vertigo the movie and the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below!