Stranger Danger Movie 2023 Netflix Horror Viral TikTok Explained



The 2023 movie titled “Stranger Danger” has gained attention as it is claimed to be one of the best movies of the year on Netflix. An account on TikTok, known as “Netflix 2023,” has shared a 2-minute clip from the movie featuring a young couple with a baby tricking an older lady into letting them break into her house. The TikTok account suggests that this is a must-watch movie, but here’s the catch: there is no movie on Netflix called “Stranger Danger.”

“Stranger Danger” is a fake home invasion movie created by the TikTok user. The clip shared on TikTok was actually taken from an episode of the new Netflix series “The Night Agent,” which consists of 10 episodes lasting 60 minutes each. The video clip was posted on the official Netflix Facebook page, labeled as “Stranger Danger,” but correctly identified as a clip from “The Night Agent.”

The TikTok account managed to deceive several viewers who believed it was a real horror movie. The account has a substantial following of around 85.8k people and is generally reliable. However, the account later shared the video from “The Night Agent” and correctly labeled it as such.

The video went viral and gained millions of views in less than 24 hours. Viewers expressed frustration and confusion in the comments, with some criticizing the lack of accurate information in the TikTok post. Many people were left puzzled and believed they couldn’t find the movie on their Netflix account.

In reality, “The Night Agent” is a popular series and currently ranks as the third most-viewed title on Netflix. Some viewers redirected those interested in the series, clarifying that it is not a movie but a series.

These types of fake videos are often shared to generate views and engagement, playing on viewers’ curiosity. While the TikTok account may have misled some viewers, it’s essential to verify information before believing viral claims about movies or shows.