Swap Shop’s Garin Dickerson pays tribute to Amber Davis on Instagram



In 2021, Netflix’s Swap Shop burst onto our screens, and it’s now back for a fresh new season in 2022. The show’s cast, including Victoria, Larry, Scott, Dale, and others, scours Tennessee to find hidden treasures, all in the pursuit of making a tidy profit.

Swap Shop fans are thrilled about the return of the series, but there’s a shadow of sadness cast over the cast. You see, Amber Davis, one of the show’s members, passed away before the new season aired. Let’s delve deeper into her story.


The Heart of Nirvana Comics

Meet Richard Davis and Garin Dickerson, familiar faces on Netflix’s Swap Shop since its 2021 debut. They’re the brains and heart behind Nirvana Comics in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Richard, the business savvy one, always credits Garin as the soul of their company. But there’s more to the story. In episode 4, Richard’s late wife, Amber, makes an appearance, revealing she’s also a co-owner of Nirvana Comics.

When Garin has the urge to splurge, Richard quips, “Amber’s my wife; she keeps me sane and keeps me from spending too much money buying collections.” Amber chimes in, “I hold the checkbook, stop buying things.”


A Heartfelt Goodbye

Sadly, there was a loss within the Swap Shop cast. Amber Davis, Richard’s wife, passed away before the first season of Swap Shop even hit Netflix.

According to Nirvana Comics Knoxville’s Instagram page, in December 2020, Amber underwent a kidney transplant. On December 5th, a post read: “Hey folks, Amber probably won’t be around the shop for a couple of weeks. She just got the call that UT has a kidney for her! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she goes into surgery tonight.”


Remembering Amber on Instagram

On October 15th, 2021, Garin Dickerson took to Instagram to honor his friend Amber on her birthday. In his heartfelt post, he wished her a happy birthday and shared, “This clip in the Swap Shop trailer really hit when it dropped this week. Today is Amber’s birthday. Seeing her alive and well – in the shop she loved, dice in hand for D&D, her little white Mina dog by her side – brought so many emotions.”

Amber’s passing touched the hearts of many, and followers flocked to Nirvana Comics’ and Garin’s Instagram posts to pay tribute to her.


A Unique Bond Lives On

Amber Davis may no longer be with us, but her memory lives on through the hearts of those who knew and loved her. She played a vital role in Nirvana Comics, and her absence is deeply felt by her husband Richard, her friend Garin, and the entire Swap Shop community.

The return of Swap Shop reminds us not only of the hidden treasures found on the show but also of the precious moments we share with loved ones. Amber’s legacy endures, and the simple joys she brought to life in Nirvana Comics will always be cherished.

As Swap Shop continues its journey through Tennessee in search of valuable items, let’s take a moment to remember the warmth and spirit that Amber Davis brought to our screens. Her presence may be missed, but her impact will never be forgotten.