The Batman: This Riddler Audition Of Barry Keoghan Got Him The Joker Role



A Surprising Turn of Events

In the world of superheroes and supervillains, The Batman swooped in to save the day and brought a glimmer of hope to DC Comics. With recent woes and uncertainties plaguing DC, the success of this film came as a pleasant surprise. The movie, featuring Robert Pattinson as Batman, faced skepticism from fans, but it turned out to be a visual masterpiece, offering a fresh take on Gotham City.


The Stellar Cast

One of the key factors behind the movie’s success was its exceptional cast. Robert Pattinson defied expectations with his portrayal of Batman, shedding his Twilight image. Zoë Kravitz enchanted us as Catwoman, while Paul Dano’s menacing Riddler provided a perfect foil for the young caped crusader. Notable actors like Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Wright, and Andy Serkis also delivered memorable performances as Penguin, Gordon, and Alfred Pennyworth, respectively.


A Hidden Gem: Barry Keoghan’s Joker

Amidst the stellar cast, there was one actor who left fans intrigued and wanting more – Barry Keoghan as the Joker. The Joker has been portrayed by iconic actors like Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix, making it a daunting role to step into. However, Keoghan’s performance in a deleted scene from the movie hinted at his potential to be a truly menacing supervillain.

In the deleted scene, Batman interacts directly with Keoghan’s Joker, showcasing the actor’s impressive talent for embodying the gritty and terrifying nature of the character. What’s surprising is that Keoghan didn’t originally audition for the role of Joker. He had auditioned for the part of the Riddler, which eventually went to Paul Dano.


The Unseen Audition Tape

Barry Keoghan’s audition tape, recently released via GQ UK, offers a glimpse into what could have been a different path for the actor. In the tape, Keoghan is seen dressed in a manner reminiscent of the Riddler from the comic books. With a distinctive walking stick in hand, he navigates the halls of an apartment building, exuding an air of ominous intrigue. Each step he takes feels foreboding, and towards the end, a sly, mischievous smile crosses his face.

Keoghan’s acting prowess and versatility are evident, and it’s clear that he could have portrayed the Riddler with ease. However, that sly grin indicated a deeper affinity for a different character altogether.


A Twist of Fate

It’s not uncommon in the world of acting for an actor to audition for one role and end up with another that suits them even better. Tom Hiddleston’s journey from auditioning for one role to becoming another iconic character is a prime example of such twists of fate.


The Perfect Setting for Joker

The dark and noir-esque theme of The Batman provides the ideal backdrop for Barry Keoghan’s Joker to thrive. As we eagerly anticipate how this character will develop in future films, we can’t help but wonder if this rendition of the Caped Crusader’s dance with the Clown Prince will be something truly special.



The Batman has not only rekindled hope for DC Comics but has also unearthed a hidden gem in Barry Keoghan’s portrayal of the Joker. Sometimes, the best roles come to those who least expect them, and Keoghan’s unexpected journey from Riddler audition to Joker is a testament to the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry.