The Boys Star Says He Doesn’t Want Homelander To Have A Happy Ending



Homelander’s Dark Path Unfolds

“The Boys” series paints a grim picture of superheroes, showing us what would happen if they were consumed by selfishness and a thirst for attention. The main antagonist, Homelander, portrayed by Antony Starr, has grown even more unstable and ruthless as the seasons progress.


Homelander’s Reign of Terror

Homelander’s body count keeps climbing, with thousands of lives lost at his hands. He craves the spotlight and demands control over everything and everyone. His unsettling fixation on raw breast milk only adds to the reasons fans dislike him. The question on everyone’s mind: how can anyone stop a person with such terrifying powers?


Antony Starr’s Perspective

In a recent interview with Collider, Antony Starr, who portrays Homelander, shared his thoughts on the character. Starr highlighted Homelander’s lack of empathy and self-reflection, suggesting that even he is not a fan of the character’s actions.


A Grim Outlook for Homelander

Starr believes that Homelander’s idea of a happy ending would involve him causing widespread destruction, leaving him alone in a desolate world. He dismisses the possibility of redemption for the character, expressing reluctance towards seeing such an ending. Starr also acknowledges the unpredictability of the show’s future, opting to leave it to the writers.


The Unstoppable Menace

Homelander’s reign of terror raises concerns about how far he’ll go if left unchecked. The show’s cynicism suggests that no character, regardless of their morality, is guaranteed a happy ending. As the story progresses, it appears that a climactic showdown involving all the main characters is on the horizon.


 Fans Await a Gory Showdown

As “The Boys” hurtles towards its climax, fans anticipate an epic and gruesome showdown. The fate of Homelander hangs in the balance, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.


A Dark Conclusion Looms

In the world of “The Boys,” a happy ending seems like a distant fantasy. The story’s trajectory points towards a conclusion filled with conflict, leaving us to wonder how it will all unfold.


Antony Starr’s Wish for Homelander

Antony Starr’s perspective offers a unique insight into the fate of Homelander. His vision of a dark, solitary ending aligns with the character’s sinister nature, leaving fans curious about what lies ahead.