The Flash: Is The SnyderVerse Dead? (Truth Explained)



Hey there, folks! We’ve got some news buzzing around that might just change the world of superheroes as we know it. You might have heard whispers about The Flash movie and what it means for the SnyderVerse, but let’s break it down in simple words.


Rumors About The Flash Changing Everything

So, some folks who seem to know their stuff have been talking. One source, MyTimeToShineHello, says that The Flash movie is going to hit the reset button on the SnyderVerse. In this new world, Flash, Shazam, and Batgirl team up to form a fresh Justice League.

Then there’s Grace Randolph, another source who says The Flash is going to say goodbye to Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman. Supergirl and Batgirl might step into their shoes.

Now, you might be wondering if these rumors are true. Well, these sources have a good track record, especially MyTimeToShineHello, who spilled the beans on Spider-Man: No Way Home. So, it’s possible they’re onto something.


What Does This Mean for the New DCEU?

If these rumors are spot on, the DCEU is in for a shake-up. We’re talking about a new League, with Flash, Shazam, and Supergirl at the helm. Michael Keaton’s Batman will be hanging out with Black Canary and Batgirl, and Ben Affleck’s Batman might pass the torch to Batgirl.

But here’s the big question: What about Superman? Henry Cavill seems to be busy with other projects, and if Warner Bros. lets him go, we might not see him donning the red cape again. This might not sit well with fans, as a Justice League without Superman and Batman feels like a strange world.

Don’t get me wrong, introducing Supergirl and Batgirl is exciting, but maybe they should carve their own paths in the DCEU first.


Ezra Miller’s Take on the SnyderVerse

Now, here’s a glimmer of hope for fans of the SnyderVerse. Ezra Miller, who plays The Flash, has something to say. He believes that nothing can truly erase Zack Snyder’s work in the DCEU. Since he’s at the center of it all, maybe he knows something we don’t.


Warner Bros.’ Stance on the SnyderVerse

Warner Bros. has been pretty clear about their stance on the SnyderVerse. They weren’t too keen on it, to begin with. The only reason we got to see Zack Snyder’s Justice League was because HBO Max wanted to make a splash when they launched. Even then, Warner Bros. didn’t go all out with marketing it.


The Future of the SnyderVerse After The Flash Movie

Now, here’s the twist. The Flash movie might not erase the SnyderVerse completely. With all that speed force and Multiverse stuff, it could open up new possibilities. Maybe Barry Allen messes with the timeline and ends up in a different universe. That way, we can say goodbye to the old Superman and Batman gracefully.

But connecting the dots with Shazam, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman in this new world might be a challenge. It’s a delicate move because millions of fans love what Zack Snyder created.


What Do You Think?

So, what’s your take on The Flash movie’s impact on the SnyderVerse? Do you think the SnyderVerse will rise again even after The Flash film? Cast your vote in the poll above and share your fan theories with us on our Instagram page.