The Price is Right’s Manuela shocks with ‘crazy snapback’ months after pregnancy



Manuela Arbelaez, known for her role on The Price is Right, surprised fans with her pregnancy bump in recent episodes. Questions arose, wondering if she had welcomed her new baby. The truth, however, is quite fascinating.


Manuela’s Beautiful Journey:

Manuela Arbelaez, a beloved face on The Price is Right, experienced the joy of pregnancy twice during her time as a model on the show. In February 2018, she embraced marital bliss with Matthew Dohert, who is now the proud father of their two daughters.

In 2019, on the show itself, she joyfully announced her pregnancy with their first child, a darling girl named Matilda, affectionately known as Tilly. Then, in September 2022 episodes, Manuela proudly displayed her pregnancy bump once again.


The Magical Arrival of Madeline Mercedes Doherty:

On October 18, 2022, Manuela Arbelaez’s world was graced by the arrival of Madeline Mercedes Doherty, her second daughter. She shared her heartwarming experience on Instagram, expressing her newfound understanding of boundless love and the extraordinary moments when her daughters first met.


The Price is Right: An Episodic Time Capsule:

Episodes of The Price is Right are typically recorded well in advance, which clarifies why viewers are still seeing Manuela with her pregnancy bump in a June 2023 episode. On April 17, 2022, Manuela and her partner Matt shared the delightful news of their expecting.


Manuela’s Astounding Post-Pregnancy Journey:

Fans of The Price is Right have been marveling at Manuela’s remarkable post-pregnancy transformation, celebrating her “crazy snap back” just months after giving birth. Through her Instagram updates, she proudly displays her slender figure, captivating the admiration of her devoted followers.



Manuela Arbelaez’s journey, from the joyous announcement of her pregnancies to the radiant moments after giving birth, has been a source of inspiration for fans worldwide. Her ability to balance motherhood and a thriving career on The Price is Right serves as a testament to her strength and grace. Manuela’s story continues to touch hearts and exemplifies the beauty of life’s precious moments.