The Suicide Squad’s Troublesome Plot Holes Revealed



“The Suicide Squad,” a movie that’s both scary and funny, has made a big splash in the cinema world. While it’s an entertaining film, it does leave some unanswered questions. Let’s dive into the troublesome plot holes that have left fans scratching their heads.


The Mystery of Implanting Bombs

In the opening scene of “The Suicide Squad,” we see how they control supervillains by implanting bombs into their heads. But here’s the catch: How did they manage to do this with invulnerable villains like King Shark and Mongal? It’s not as simple as sticking a needle in their super-dense skin. Perhaps King Shark could’ve been tricked into eating an explosive device, but the movie doesn’t show us how this happened.


Blackguard’s Mysterious Contact

One of the biggest plot holes is how Blackguard managed to contact the Corto Maltese army while he was incarcerated. In a highly secure prison, it’s hard to believe he had the opportunity to reach out to them. This raises questions about the security measures in place at Belle Reve Penitentiary and how Blackguard got the details of his mission.


Believing Harley Quinn

Another head-scratcher is why President Silvio believed Harley Quinn, who had just invaded an island. Despite her heroic actions, it’s a stretch to think he would trust someone who had caused chaos moments earlier. The plot hole deepens when troops don’t immediately apprehend Harley after she kills their leader.


Sacrificing a Full Task Force X Team

The decision to send Colonel Rick Flag’s team as a distraction seems wasteful. Amanda Waller could’ve achieved the same goal with a smaller team, and it’s unclear whether she was aware of Blackguard’s betrayal. The selection of some team members, like Weasel, raises questions about their combat capabilities.


Saving Rick Flag from The Resistance

While Harley is captured by the government, Rick is taken by the resistance. The noisy and chaotic rescue mission raises the question of how the soldiers couldn’t hear the commotion. Furthermore, why did Task Force X trust the rebels so easily? Were they telling the truth or using them for their own agenda?


The Stupid General

The decision to keep Harley alive is puzzling, given that she was sent to bring down the regime. The general’s lack of concern for the soldiers and his focus on Harley’s survival raises eyebrows. It’s hard to believe he would be so oblivious to the larger threat.


The Maltese Resistance’s True Intentions

While Task Force X and the Maltese Resistance work together, it’s unclear if the resistance’s motives are truly noble. Sol Soria’s past suffering is a solid motivation, but it doesn’t guarantee the revolution’s purity. The movie hints at democratic elections, but the outcome remains uncertain.


Weasel’s Enigmatic Fate

Weasel’s bizarre survival and subsequent actions raise many questions. What will happen with a million rats on Corto Maltese, and what about the health risks associated with these creatures? Weasel’s fate is left hanging, leaving room for speculation.


Bloodsport’s Marksmanship Mishat

Bloodsport is introduced as a master marksman, but during the final battle, he struggles to hit Starro’s vulnerable eye. It’s a surprising turn of events for a character with such precision.


No Starro Backup Plan

It’s reasonable to assume that the government would have prepared for the possibility of Starro escaping or being freed. The lack of protective gear against mind-control spores seems like a major oversight.


The Starro Drones’ Ineffectiveness

Despite their potential, Starro’s drones appear ineffective during the final battle. Their slow movement and failure to utilize weapons raise questions about their capabilities.


The Rat Problem

While Ratcatcher 2’s rats save the day, the film doesn’t address the aftermath of having millions of rats on the island. The potential health and economic implications are left unexplored.


Saving Peacemaker

The survival of Peacemaker after being shot in the neck is a plot hole. Amanda Waller’s decision to save him contradicts her indifference toward other Task Force X members who died. Perhaps the upcoming HBO Max series will shed light on this.


The Shady Blackmail

Bloodsport’s attempt to blackmail Waller raises questions about how he could upload the contents without the necessary technology. Waller’s reluctance to give him access to such tools adds to the mystery.


Amanda Waller’s Staff Rebellion

The audacious act of knocking out Amanda Waller is unlikely to go unnoticed. Her vengeful nature suggests that repercussions may follow.



“The Suicide Squad” is undeniably entertaining, but these plot holes and unanswered questions leave fans with much to ponder. While some mysteries may remain unsolved, they add a layer of intrigue to the film. What other plot holes did you notice in “The Suicide Squad”? Share your thoughts in the comments below.