The Voice Australia 2023: Everything you need to know



“The Voice Australia” is set to make a return with its 2023 season, and fans of the show are eagerly anticipating what this new installment will bring. Here, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of what to expect from “The Voice Australia 2023.”


The Concept of “The Voice Australia”:

“The Voice Australia” is a popular singing reality show where talented individuals showcase their singing abilities. The unique twist is that contestants perform while the judges sit with their chairs turned away from the stage, unable to see the singers. The judges must rely solely on the power and quality of the contestants’ voices to decide whether they want them on their teams. If a judge is impressed, they hit a buzzer, causing their chair to turn around and select the contestant. However, if no judge presses the buzzer, the chair remains facing away until the performance concludes. Contestants who turn chairs open the door to be part of that coach’s team. In cases where multiple coaches press their buzzers, the contestant gets to choose which team to join. The show follows a similar format in different countries, such as “The Voice America” and “The Voice India.”


The Coaches of “The Voice Australia 2023”:

The upcoming season will feature an exciting lineup of coaches, including Jason Derulo, who replaces Keith Urban. Jason is enthusiastic about joining “The Voice Australia 2023” and has expressed his love for Australia. The other coaches for this season are Rita Ora, Jessica Mauboy, and Guy Sebastian. Keith Urban’s departure from the show is reportedly due to his desire to spend more time with his family and loved ones. He has left the door open for a potential return, stating his fondness for the show.


The Cast and Contestants:

As of now, specific contestant names have not been revealed for “The Voice Australia 2023.” However, it is known that 100 singers will participate in the blind auditions. The judges will need to select 48 contestants out of the initial 100. Each coach will take 12 singers onto their team, setting the stage for sing-offs within each team. While contestant details are yet to be disclosed, the show promises to bring together talented individuals from across the country.


The Host of “The Voice Australia 2023”:

Sonia Kruger is set to return as the host of “The Voice Australia 2023.” Sonia has previously hosted the show, taking on solo hosting duties from 2015 to 2019. She made a comeback in 2021 and has continued as the show’s host since then.


Premiere Date:

The official premiere date for “The Voice Australia 2023” has not been announced as of now. However, the show is expected to air in late 2023. It will be telecast on channels 7 and 7plus. Production for the show reportedly began in May at Fox Studios in Sydney, with predictions suggesting a commencement in August or September.


The Winning Prize:

In the previous season of “The Voice Australia 2023,” Lachie Gill emerged as the winner, securing a cash prize of $100,000 along with a recording contract at Universal Music Australia. The upcoming season is expected to offer a similar prize package, providing aspiring artists with valuable recognition and opportunities.