Top Boy Ending Explained: Why Did Sully Kill Jamie? What Happened To Lauryn?



“Top Boy,” the British crime drama series, has wrapped up its final season, leaving fans buzzing with questions about the gripping finale. With its raw portrayal of life in East London’s gritty neighborhoods, the show has earned a massive following. Let’s delve into why Sully killed Jamie and the tragic fate of Lauryn.


Sully’s Drastic Decision

In the intense finale of “Top Boy,” we witness Sully’s shocking decision to end Jamie’s life. But why did he do it? Well, it’s a tangled web of conflicts and power struggles. Jamie emerges as a fierce rival in the East London drug trade, constantly trying to expand his territory and betraying Sully and Dushane’s trust.

As Jamie’s power grows, it becomes a substantial threat to their survival and dominance. Personal grudges, trust issues, and a thirst for revenge further stoke the flames of their enmity. In a world where trust is scarce, Sully’s choice to eliminate Jamie is a desperate move to protect himself and his interests, driven by fear and the ruthless nature of their criminal world.

The climax arrives with a heart-pounding showdown between the two. Sully, in a moment of desperation and anger, fatally shoots Jamie, ending their long-standing feud. This moment symbolizes the brutal reality of the drug trade and the consequences of betrayal in their criminal underworld.


Lauryn’s Tragic Story

Lauryn’s character arc takes a dark and heart-wrenching turn in “Top Boy.” Her journey sheds light on the complexities of trauma and addiction. After escaping an abusive relationship and acting in self-defense, Lauryn becomes a mother. However, she struggles to overcome the emotional scars of her past.

Her battle with substance abuse is evident as she receives a drug delivery. Despite her sister Jaq’s efforts to encourage healthier habits and help her heal, Lauryn continues to wrestle with her inner demons and occasionally turns to drugs.

Despite glimmers of hope, including a job offer, Lauryn tragically succumbs to her addiction and is found lifeless in her bathtub. The heartbreaking discovery is made by Jaq and Becks as they desperately search for her.



“Top Boy” has left fans with a lot to digest in its final season. Sully’s decision to end Jamie’s life was a culmination of fierce rivalries and the unforgiving nature of the drug trade. Lauryn’s tragic journey highlights the devastating impact of trauma and addiction. As the series comes to a close, it leaves a lasting impression on its viewers, showcasing the harsh realities of life in East London’s crime-ridden neighborhoods.