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 Nigeria’s Leadership Challenges

Nigeria’s history is full of leaders who have shaped the nation’s destiny. Since gaining independence from British rule in 1960, Nigeria has seen both good leaders and oppressive rulers. This divide among the people has led to a tense atmosphere in the country.


Chief Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu’s Promising Start

Chief Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu came to power with great promise. He convinced the people that he was a staunch supporter of democracy, bringing hope to Nigeria. The country, despite its potential as one of Africa’s leading nations with a growing GDP, had long struggled with issues like low Human Development Index rankings and widespread corruption.


Criticisms Emerge Within 100 Days

Tinubu’s presidency took an unexpected turn when he introduced controversial economic reforms. His decision to remove fuel subsidies resulted in skyrocketing prices for petrol, transportation, and food. This move triggered widespread criticism just 100 days into his presidency.


TikTok Becomes a Platform for Expression

In Nigeria’s politically charged climate, people turned to TikTok to voice their opinions on Tinubu’s presidency. Some users criticized him, while his supporters defended his short time in office, arguing it was too early to judge his leadership.


Tinubu’s Response and TikTok Trend

Tinubu responded to the criticism, accusing the opposition of spreading false information about him. He boldly proclaimed, “You Can’t Kill Me, I’m Like a Poison Ivy, I Can’t Be Eaten.” This statement sparked the trending TikTok hashtag, #HowtoKillTinubu, where users playfully teased him for his choice of words.


 Understanding President Tinubu’s Background

President Tinubu’s journey to the presidency has been marked by ups and downs. He spent part of his life in the United States, studying accounting at Chicago State University. Unfortunately, he faced legal troubles during his time there, which later brought him back to Nigeria.


From Lagos Governor to Presidential Hopeful

After his return, Tinubu entered Nigerian politics. He served as the governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007 and later became the Senator of Lagos West. With the end of the previous dictatorship, Tinubu saw an opportunity to run for the presidency, hoping to bring about significant democratic reforms.


Tinubu’s Controversial Policies

Tinubu’s presidency was marked by a series of controversial policies, most notably the removal of subsidies. This decision triggered widespread protests and concerns about rising prices in various sectors, including fuel, transportation, tourism, trade, and food.


 The Trending Hashtag Explained

The trending hashtag #HowtoKillTinubu on TikTok is a response to the criticism and controversy surrounding Tinubu’s policies. While it may sound alarming, it’s more of a metaphorical expression of how some Nigerians want to remove Tinubu from office.


Disinformation and Political Discord

In the midst of these controversies, disinformation has been spreading on TikTok, suggesting that Tinubu plans to adopt the US dollar as Nigeria’s currency. These claims have been debunked, but they have fueled further discontent, with some labeling Tinubu as a “puppet” for Western interests and even discussing the possibility of a coup.


 The Future of Tinubu’s Presidency

Despite the ongoing challenges and criticism, Tinubu’s presidency continues. He recently made history by becoming the first Nigerian president to attend the G20 summit in India, a notable diplomatic achievement.



Nigeria’s political landscape remains turbulent, with a divided populace expressing their views through social media trends like #HowtoKillTinubu. President Tinubu faces numerous challenges as he seeks to lead the nation towards progress, with both supporters and detractors closely watching his every move.