Valentine on 90 Day Fiance ‘looks better with no hair’ say fans



Valentine from 90 Day Fiance has sparked quite the conversation with his recent hair makeover. Fans are buzzing about how he “looks better with no hair” after he surprised everyone by trading his lush locks for a sleek shaved head.


The Bold Move: Shaving Off the Locks

In a daring move, Valentine decided to part ways with his long mane earlier this year. While he used to have his hair trimmed weekly to keep up with its rapid growth, now he boasts a much shorter, bolder look. This striking change coincides with his journey of love alongside Carlos on 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise.


A Man of Style and Fitness

Valentine takes pride in his appearance, sharing messages of self-love with his Instagram followers and dedicating time to gym workouts. His hair, too, has been a canvas for his expression. He embarked on this transformation in May 2020, allowing his locks to flourish.


The Instagram Debut: Embracing the Change

Valentine proudly unveiled his new hair on Instagram, revealing a sharp departure from his previous style. While fans still catch glimpses of his older look on 90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise, they’ve showered him with compliments for this bold change.

In response to a fan account featuring his video showcasing the new look, Valentine expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am truly thankful and appreciative for this shout out


The Wig Debate: Fact or Fiction?

Some fans speculated whether Valentine’s previous hair was a wig, but the Discovery TV personality never confirmed this. His distinctive haircut has fueled discussions on Twitter and Reddit, with opinions ranging from admiration to intrigue.

Addressing the wig speculation exclusively with Reality Titbit, Valentine explained, “Long story short, I honestly said ‘F -IT’ lets give ‘em something to talk about! I just thought it would make us go viral though.”


Fan Reactions: Celebrating the New Look

Valentine’s bold move has received a warm embrace from fans. While some are yet to witness this transformation on Discovery, those who have seen it are enamored. Comments like “Mans read the comments…I was cooking his hair helmet 😂😂😂. He looks so much better now” and “Oh okay, that looks so good on him much better than the other cut” echo the sentiment of many.

In the eyes of his devoted followers, the new look has elevated Valentine’s charm, affirming that sometimes, a bold change is the key to stealing hearts.


Conclusion: Embracing Change and Winning Hearts

Valentine’s daring hair transformation on 90 Day Fiance has sparked admiration and conversation. His journey reminds us that sometimes, embracing change and taking bold steps can lead to newfound confidence and admiration. As fans continue to show their support, Valentine’s new look has become a testament to the power of self-expression and transformation.