VIDEO: Isteri Zainal Abidin Bergaduh Fight at the Restaurant! Just like Tom & Jerry!



In a dramatic turn of events, famous singer and television personality, Fyna Jebat, has found herself at the center of a headline-grabbing controversy. Netizens are buzzing with curiosity about the details of this unfolding story. We’ve gathered all the key points to shed light on the situation. It appears that the controversy involves a heated argument between Fyna Jebat and Datuk Zainal Abidin Hassan’s first wife, adding a touch of intrigue to the ongoing saga of the “second wife” title. Join us as we delve into the story.


The Isteri Zainal Abidin Bergaduh Video

Reports have emerged alleging that singer Fyna Jebat was involved in a physical altercation with Zainal Abidin Hassan’s first wife. If these reports hold true, the incident unfolded in the early hours of a Monday morning. It was during this time that the country’s renowned former soccer player’s first wife and singer Fyna Jebat found themselves in a dispute. The incident is said to have occurred following Fyna Jebat’s appearance in a Family Duo presentation on TV3 at a Mamak restaurant in Section 9, Shah Alam.


Verbal Sparring Turns Physical

The confrontation is said to have escalated into a verbal argument, followed by hair-pulling, right in the midst of the Mamak store. It is reported that Zainal Abidin Hassan’s first wife, Datin Zalina Zaini, directed harsh words towards singer Fyna Jebat during their restaurant encounter. A source revealed, “Last night, as they were leaving, suddenly the second wife was confronted by Zainal Abidin Hassan’s first wife. It was at that moment I overheard her calling out to Fyna with some not-so-pleasant words before they exchanged heated words.”


Police Involvement

The situation did not go unnoticed by the authorities. Mohd. Iqbal Ibrahim, the Head of the Regional Police of Shah Alam and Assistant Commissioner, confirmed that a minor dispute had taken place between the two wives of the former soccer player. Both parties have filed police reports, and the case falls under Section 14 of the Deed of Minor Misconduct and Section 160 of the Kanun of Torture. The police complaint was officially registered at 2:18 am on that Monday morning, shortly after the incident occurred.


Awaiting Further Updates

As this intriguing saga continues to unfold, stay tuned to this website for the latest details and updates. The real-life drama between Fyna Jebat and Zainal Abidin Hassan’s first wife has captured the attention of many, drawing parallels to the timeless antics of Tom and Jerry. It’s a story that keeps evolving, leaving the public eager to know what happens next in this unexpected twist in the lives of these prominent figures.