Vincenzo Season 2 Everything You Need To Know


If you’re a fan of Vincenzo, the Italian-Korean drama that brought a unique blend of action, humor, and suspense, you’re probably wondering what’s in store for Season 2. Well, get ready because the rumors are swirling, and we’re here to spill the beans on everything we know so far about the next installment of this thrilling series.


The Story So Far

In the first season, we followed the journey of Vincenzo Cassano, an Italian mafia consigliere who finds himself seeking refuge in Korea. Alongside him, we met the fierce lawyer Hong Cha Young and a cast of colorful characters at Geumga Plaza. Together, they uncovered dark secrets, fought corrupt organizations, and even found a hidden stash of gold.


Season 2 Storyline

While we don’t have an official trailer or confirmation for Season 2, the director and showrunners have hinted at its possibility. The cast and crew are still in negotiations, and fans are holding onto hope that Vincenzo will return for another round of adventures.


The Cast and Crew

If Season 2 does happen, we can expect to see familiar faces like Song Joong-ki as Vincenzo Cassano, Jeon Yeo-been as Hong Cha-young, and Yoon Byung-hee as Nam Joo-sung. Of course, the quirky characters from Geumga Plaza are likely to make a comeback as well.


Behind the Scenes

The production team that brought us the first season is expected to return. Created by Studio Dragon and produced by Logos film, with producers Cho Moon-joo, Lee Jang-soo, Jang Sai-jung, Ham Seung-hoon, Cho Soo-young, and directed by Kim Hee-Won, the series is in good hands. The gripping storyline owes much to the screenplay by Park Jae-bum.


Episode Count

In the first season, we enjoyed 20 episodes of action-packed drama. Each episode had varying runtimes, but they kept us hooked throughout. It remains to be seen how many episodes Season 2 will bring to the table.


Where to Watch

For those who haven’t yet experienced the thrills of Vincenzo, you can catch all the episodes on Netflix. The series gained immense popularity and became a trending sensation on the platform.



Vincenzo made waves in the world of Korean dramas, thanks in part to the return of Song Joong Ki to the small screen. It garnered a solid 7.7% rating on AGB nationwide and reached a peak viewership of 14.6%, making it the 10th highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history. The show’s popularity on Netflix further solidified its status as a must-watch series.



While we eagerly await official confirmation and a trailer for Vincenzo Season 2, the signs are promising. The beloved characters, intriguing plotlines, and stellar cast and crew have left fans hungry for more. So, keep your eyes peeled for updates because it looks like the recipe for another exciting season is in the works, and fans are ready to savor every moment of it.