Was Cole from Love is Blind Married before the series? Drama with ex-wife Catey Benson explored



Love Is Blind fans are buzzing about Cole Barnett after a TikTok by Zanab Jaffrey brought up his ex-wife, Catey Benson. This adds a new layer of intrigue to an already eventful season of the Netflix dating series.


Cole’s Previous Marriage:

Before Love Is Blind, Cole Barnett was married to Catey Benson. They tied the knot in June 2019, as revealed on their registry on The Knot. However, there are no public pictures or videos of them together, and Catey keeps a low profile on social media. She doesn’t have an Instagram presence, and her Twitter account seems to be deactivated.


Zanab’s Bold Move:

Zanab, Cole’s Love Is Blind co-star and ex, didn’t shy away from bringing up his past. She took to TikTok to share an indirect message, hinting at a meet-up with Catey. With the tune of “Gangsta’s Paradise” playing in the background, Zanab’s video gained massive attention, amassing over 2.5 million views and nearly 95,000 likes.


Zanab’s Continued Remarks:

Zanab didn’t stop at the TikTok video. She continued her commentary with another TikTok, discussing private relationships and adding a Love Is Blind hashtag. This move further fueled the discussion about Cole’s past.


Cole’s Response:

While Cole refrained from getting involved in the online back-and-forth, he couldn’t avoid the topic forever. During an interview with Entertainment Journalist Lauren Conlin, he was asked about the potential coffee meet-up between his exes. Cole, a real estate agent, didn’t sound particularly enthusiastic about the idea.



The Love Is Blind journey for Cole Barnett has taken an unexpected turn with revelations about his previous marriage to Catey Benson. Zanab’s TikTok posts have stirred up quite a buzz, adding another layer of drama to the already eventful season. As fans eagerly follow this unfolding story, it’s clear that Love Is Blind continues to be full of surprises and unexpected twists.