Was Get Schooled Removed From Webtoon?



Webtoons have gained immense popularity worldwide, largely thanks to their Netflix adaptations and accessibility. However, this fame can also lead to problems, as seen with the recent removal of the hit webtoon “Get Schooled” from the official Webtoon site. This article delves into the reasons behind this removal and the ensuing controversy.


What Is “Get Schooled” Webtoon About?

“Get Schooled” revolves around Hwa Jin Na, an employee of the Ministry of Education who tackles school bullies who evade legal consequences. While the series initially highlighted important issues of bullying in South Korea and showcased the protagonist’s heroic actions, a new character’s introduction ignited a heated controversy.


The Controversy Leading to Webtoon’s Cancellation

“Get Schooled” faced cancellation due to its portrayal of racism and discrimination towards a mixed-race character. The use of offensive language, including the N-word, triggered widespread outrage among readers.

In a recent episode, the new bully declared, “I was the only pure Korean in class,” setting the stage for racial comments. The character, who is of mixed Korean-Ethiopian descent, faced derogatory slurs from fellow Korean students, including “Hey, you fcking black piece of sht.” The bully went further by mocking and stereotyping other students, perpetuating bias against Asian people.

Subsequently, a new teacher named Daniel Hyun, posing as an American father, became the target of racial slurs, such as “yellow monkey,” a deeply offensive term for Asians. In response, the teacher used the racial slur “fcking ngga,” further intensifying the controversy. The chapter concluded with the main character, Hwa Jin Na, vowing to address the bully’s actions nonviolently.


Reactions to the Controversy

Readers swiftly criticized the incorporation of racial slurs in the episode, expressing their outrage and demanding the webtoon’s cancellation. Naver Webtoon issued an apology and pledged to address the issue promptly. The author also apologized, leading to the cancellation of “Get Schooled” in the United States and an indefinite pause in Korea.

Readers voiced their discontent on Webtoon’s comment section and various forums while also using other platforms to denounce the webtoon. Some notable reactions include:

  • “Get Schooled was one of my favorite webtoons, but the author’s racist content was unacceptable. Koreans as a minority in their own country? This was just an excuse for racism.”
  • “I was considering returning to Get Schooled, but the writer decided to include racial slurs in a class full of mixed-race students. Unbelievable!”



The removal of “Get Schooled” from Webtoon highlights the significance of responsible content creation. While webtoons offer a platform to discuss essential societal issues, they must do so with sensitivity and respect. The controversy surrounding this webtoon serves as a reminder of the need for cultural awareness and inclusivity in storytelling.