WATCH: Budd Dwyer Suicide Video Resurfaced on social media



In recent times, a heart-wrenching incident from the past has resurfaced, leaving people shaken and stunned. This incident revolves around Robert Budd Dwyer, a name that still resonates with many, even after several decades. His tragic death in 1987 left an indelible mark on America. So, what exactly happened? Reportedly, R. Budd Dwyer took his own life in front of television cameras during a press conference. The video of this unimaginable act has now re-emerged on social media, leaving viewers deeply disturbed and perplexed. Let’s delve into the details of why Robert Budd Dwyer chose to end his life on live television.


The Acting Treasurer’s Struggle

Robert Budd Dwyer held the position of treasurer for the state of Pennsylvania. He was a well-known figure not just in Pennsylvania but also across the nation. His shocking demise unfolded in the most public setting imaginable—a press conference. On January 15, 1987, Dwyer convened a meeting at his home, joined by his secretary, James Horshock, and deputy treasurer, Don Johnson. The purpose of this meeting was to address the legal troubles that had plagued Dwyer, as he had been found guilty of accepting bribes.

Dwyer firmly maintained his innocence throughout the trial and investigation, despite the impending sentencing scheduled for January 23, 1987. Both Johnson and Horshock left Dwyer’s home that evening, believing that he would announce his resignation during the press conference the following day. They expected him to make one last plea of innocence and appeal for mercy from the media.


A Heart-Wrenching Note

The day before his scheduled sentencing, Dwyer penned his thoughts on paper, providing a glimpse into the turmoil he was experiencing. In a poignant note, he expressed his deep affection for someone named Jo and lamented the difficulty of the decision he was about to make. His handwritten words revealed, “I enjoy being with Jo so much, the next 20 years or so would have been wonderful. Tomorrow is going to be so difficult, and I hope I can go through with it.”


A Shocking Turn of Events

The morning of the press conference in Harrisburg seemed like any other, with no hint of the tragedy that would soon unfold. Dwyer began the conference with a statement that gave no indication of what was about to happen. Suddenly, in a shocking and devastating turn of events, Dwyer took his own life in front of the local media, leaving everyone present in utter disbelief.


The Impact of the Resurfacing Video

The resurgence of this distressing video on social media serves as a stark reminder of the profound impact that such tragic events can have on individuals and communities. Even after many years, the emotions stirred by this incident remain strong, as it continues to disturb and haunt those who come across it online. The video’s reappearance highlights the need for sensitivity when sharing content of this nature on social media platforms.



The tragic suicide of Robert Budd Dwyer, broadcast on live television, remains a harrowing and unforgettable chapter in American history. The video’s reappearance on social media has once again brought to the forefront the haunting images of that fateful day. It serves as a somber reminder of the deep emotional scars left by such incidents and underscores the importance of compassion and discretion in the digital age.