WATCH: Kasus Oky Warda Viral Video, Shocked Kasus Ini Sosok di TikTok Fans



For those who follow the online sensation Kasus Oky and were looking forward to exciting updates, this article might come as a shock. The social media influencer has recently found himself in the midst of a major controversy that has been creating ripples not only on Twitter but also on Yandex. Oky Warda, known for his online presence, has landed in hot water due to some of his posts and Tweets being labeled as insensitive and offensive. This news has garnered significant attention, with many seeking deeper insights into this unfolding controversy. In this article, we delve into the facts and details surrounding this contentious issue.


The Viral Video That Started It All

The firestorm began on March 15, 2023, when numerous Twitter users stumbled upon a tweet by Oky Warda that they found deeply offensive. Reports indicate that Oky made controversial comments related to Islam and the practice of wearing the hijab. Religion lies at the heart of this controversy, and Oky’s Twitter handle, @oky_warda, became a focal point for discussions on various social media platforms. His tweet, which went viral and triggered outrage, led many to demand accountability for his words.


The Apology That Followed

Faced with a barrage of backlash and a slew of negative comments, Oky Warda took to his Twitter account to issue an apology. In his statement, he expressed regret, clarifying that he did not intend to insult or hurt anyone’s feelings. He admitted his mistake and offered a sincere apology for his comments. However, his apology failed to win over some critics who believed that Oky was attempting to evade responsibility rather than taking genuine ownership of his actions.


The Yandex Influence

The controversy surrounding Oky Warda soon spilled over onto Yandex, a renowned Russian-based search engine. The name “Oky” began trending on Yandex as numerous individuals sought information about him and the controversy stemming from his tweets. Notably, Oky’s tweets were translated into Russian, intensifying the debate even further. Many users in Russia also joined the chorus, demanding accountability for Oky’s derogatory statements.


The Quest for Accountability

Among those searching for information about Oky and the controversy, there is a growing curiosity regarding whether any official action has been taken against him. As of now, no formal punishment has been meted out to Oky Warda. The details surrounding this controversy remain somewhat limited, but we are actively monitoring the situation to provide you with updates as they become available.



The Kasus Oky Warda viral video and the resulting controversy have cast a spotlight on the power and impact of social media. In a world where words can quickly ignite firestorms of outrage, influencers and public figures must navigate their online presence with care. As the situation continues to evolve, we will keep you informed about any developments related to this controversy. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this trending issue.