WATCH: Marly Rivera Ivon Gaete Viral Video Shows ‘F***ing C***’ Diss In Front Of Aaron Judge Sparks Outrage Online



In the world of viral content, there’s one video that recently stirred up quite a storm, leaving people both shocked and outraged. It’s the video featuring ESPN national baseball journalist Marly Rivera and fellow journalist Ivon Gaete engaged in a heated exchange at Yankee Stadium. The video captured an offensive choice of words from Rivera, leading to significant consequences for her career. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this viral incident and its aftermath.


The Viral Video

The incident in question took place at Yankee Stadium, where Marly Rivera, known for her work as a bilingual ESPN reporter, had a tense encounter with Ivon Gaete, another journalist. The disagreement arose when Gaete sought an interview with baseball star Aaron Judge, who Rivera had previously scheduled an appointment with. Despite Rivera’s attempts to communicate the situation to Gaete, tensions escalated.

In the heat of the argument, Rivera used offensive language directed at Gaete, which was captured on video. The explicit words used by Rivera quickly spread across the internet, causing an uproar among viewers and sports enthusiasts. Despite Rivera’s subsequent attempts to apologize, Gaete was deeply offended and declined to accept her apology.


ESPN’s Response

ESPN, the media outlet for which Marly Rivera had been a valuable contributor, swiftly took action in response to the video’s circulation. The network issued a statement indicating that Marly Rivera was no longer employed by ESPN. This decision reflected the seriousness of the incident and its impact on the network’s reputation.


Rivera’s Acknowledgment

Marly Rivera publicly acknowledged her mistake, taking full responsibility for her use of inappropriate language during the altercation. She expressed remorse for her actions and admitted that she should not have resorted to such behavior, especially in her professional capacity. Rivera’s acknowledgment of her error shed light on the gravity of the situation.


The Public’s Reaction

The viral video left the public in shock and disbelief. Viewers were keen to understand the context of the argument between the two reporters and why such offensive language was used on camera. The incident was viewed as highly disrespectful, considering it occurred in a professional setting while the cameras were rolling. As a result, people flocked to the internet in search of the full video to grasp the entirety of the exchange.



The Marly Rivera and Ivon Gaete viral video has ignited widespread discussion and controversy. While the incident itself is regrettable, it serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining professionalism in all circumstances, especially in the field of journalism. Marly Rivera’s swift departure from ESPN underscores the consequences of unprofessional behavior in the public eye. As the video continues to circulate and spark debate, it serves as a cautionary tale for individuals in the media industry, emphasizing the need for respect, decorum, and accountability.