WATCH: Mishka and anushka fighting video goes viral on social media



A recent video featuring a confrontation between Anushka and Mishka has ignited a firestorm on social media. This video has swiftly become the talk of the town, spreading across platforms like wildfire. We’ll delve into the details and the broader implications of this incident. Stick around for the full scoop.


The Significance of Anushka and Mishka’s Clash

The clash between Anushka and Mishka transcends a mere physical altercation. It stems from deeper complexities within human nature and our contemporary society. Mishka found herself targeted by bullying, while Anushka is purportedly the instigator. This dynamic has sparked concern and garnered support for Mishka, who has endured a great deal. Read on for a deeper understanding.


A Community Stands with Mishka

Hailing from Cape Town, Mishka and Anushka’s altercation unfolded against a backdrop of bullying. Mishqah Arend, a close associate of Mishka, describes her as gentle and asserts that Anushka took advantage of this knowledge. The community is rallying around Mishka, offering solace and encouragement during this trying time. It’s heartening to witness such solidarity.


A Community in Reflection

Aamina Jeneker, a resident of Cape Town, underscores the collective dismay at this turn of events. Regardless of the circumstances leading up to the altercation, the severity of Anushka’s response is deemed unjustifiable. She questions the motivation behind recording and sharing the video, highlighting the disparity in engagement.


A Plea Against Circulation

As the video circulates online, viewers are urged to exercise caution. Its graphic nature makes it an unsuitable subject for widespread dissemination. It is imperative that we collectively oppose such acts of bullying and extend our support to Mishka, who finds herself at the center of this storm. Let us stand together against this injustice.



The clash between Anushka and Mishka serves as a sobering reminder of the need for compassion and unity in our communities. Let this incident propel us towards a collective commitment to eradicate bullying. Stay connected with us for further developments and a continued discussion on this important issue.