WATCH: Rezky Aditya Twitter video sparks outrage online



People worldwide have been buzzing about a video involving Rezky Aditya that recently caused quite a commotion on social media. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about and haven’t seen the video yet, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll dive into the details surrounding Rezky Aditya’s viral video, breaking it down in simple terms. So, stay with us to get the full scoop.


Who is Rezky Aditya?

Before we delve into the controversial video, let’s get to know Rezky Aditya a bit better. Rezky Aditya is a well-known actor hailing from Indonesia. He was born on February 26, 1985, in Jakarta. Aditya rose to fame through his roles in various soap operas, including popular ones like Cinderella and Cinta Fitri. In fact, he’s often recognized as one of Indonesia’s most accomplished performers. On social media, he boasts an impressive following, with over 10.8K Twitter followers.


The Viral Video

Recently, Rezky Aditya found himself making headlines for all the wrong reasons due to a video that went viral on platforms like Twitter and Reddit. This video captured an unsettling encounter involving the actor and a lady. The video quickly gained notoriety and sparked widespread outrage, drawing attention from across the globe.


The Controversial Behavior

In Rezky Aditya’s viral video, viewers witnessed his improper behavior towards the lady, which left many deeply disturbed. The video’s content has fueled a wave of criticism and backlash against the actor on various social media platforms. Additionally, some businesses and brands that had previously collaborated with Aditya have distanced themselves from him following the video’s rapid spread on the internet.


Public Apology

In response to the mounting criticism, Rezky Aditya issued a public apology for his actions. However, it appears that many in the online community remain unforgiving and skeptical of his apology. The fallout from this incident continues to evolve, with social media serving as a platform for heated discussions and debates.



Rezky Aditya’s controversial video has certainly ignited a firestorm of controversy and outrage online. While he is a well-known actor in Indonesia, this incident has left his reputation hanging in the balance. As the story unfolds, it’s clear that the consequences of this viral video are far-reaching and may have a lasting impact on his career and public image. Stay tuned to this website for further updates on this developing story.