WATCH: Rosa Peral Video Viral, Who Is Rosa Peral?



People all around the internet have been buzzing about Rosa Peral’s viral video. If you’re curious about the story behind this video that has taken social media by storm, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into the details surrounding Rosa Peral and her intriguing story. Hailing from Spain, Rosa Peral’s tale has left many puzzled and eager for answers.


Who Is Rosa Peral

Rosa Peral, once a police officer in Barcelona, Spain, found herself at the center of a shocking murder case. She was accused of killing her ex-boyfriend, Rodriguez, and being involved in a conspiracy with her former partner, Albert Lopez. This gripping true crime story has even inspired a Netflix series that premiered on September 8, 2023. But what really set social media platforms like Twitter abuzz was the viral video of Rosa Peral’s court trial.


The Viral Video

The video that captured Rosa Peral’s courtroom drama gained immense attention on Twitter. It led to a flurry of discussions and opinions from people all over the internet. What’s surprising, though, is that some Twitter users have been referencing a 2017 case and a Netflix documentary called “Burning Body.” This has sparked confusion among netizens, especially as Rosa passionately proclaims her innocence.


The 2017 Mystery

In 2017, a grim discovery shook Spain: the burnt body of a police officer named Rodriguez was found in his car. Authorities launched an intensive search for evidence and clues. This tragic event serves as the backdrop to Rosa Peral’s story, which involves a complex love triangle, revenge, and ultimately, murder.


The Love Triangle

According to sources on Reddit, Rosa’s life took a dark turn after her breakup with Albert. Their relationship went sour, and the aftermath was disastrous. The discovery of Rodriguez’s burnt body raised suspicions, and even though there wasn’t substantial evidence against her, Rosa and Albert were sentenced to 25 years behind bars. The murder of Rodriguez deeply affected both Rosa and Albert, who found themselves at the center of a legal storm.


Rosa’s Claim

Rosa has vehemently maintained her innocence throughout the trial. She has placed the blame squarely on Albert as the mastermind behind the crime. This assertion has added a layer of complexity to the case, leaving many questions unanswered.



As the viral video of Rosa Peral’s court trial continues to captivate audiences, the mystery surrounding her story deepens. The Netflix series and the social media discussions have only fueled curiosity further. Rosa Peral’s case is a perplexing one, marked by love, betrayal, and a quest for justice. Stay tuned for more updates as we follow this intriguing true crime story.