What Did Adam Thielen Do? Why Are The Vikings Not Using Thielen?



From Minnesota Kid to NFL Star Adam Thielen, born in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota in 1990, dreamed of becoming a football legend like his idols, Cris Carter and Randy Moss. He shone in high school sports, excelling in football, basketball, baseball, and golf.

College Glory at Minnesota State Thielen’s talents led him to Minnesota State University, Mankato, where he became a legend, earning the title of Offensive Player of the Year.

Overcoming Setbacks to Shine Despite his skills, Thielen wasn’t initially chosen for the NFL Combine. Undeterred, he gave his all at the Regional Combine in Chicago, showcasing his abilities.

A Viking’s Debut In 2014, Thielen officially joined the Minnesota Vikings as a free agent. Over nine years, he displayed remarkable leadership, earning two Pro Bowls and achieving impressive stats.

A Glorious Run and a Slump During his peak years from 2014 to 2017, Thielen was a true warrior for the Vikings. However, his performance waned in the following years, leaving fans hopeful for a resurgence.

The End of an Era In March 2023, the Vikings released Thielen due to his declining stats and salary cap constraints. His contributions, with 534 receptions, 55 touchdowns, and over 6,600 receiving yards, mark him as a Vikings legend.

Thielen’s Perspective Thielen reflected on the situation, acknowledging that both sides had different visions. There was no ill will, just a mutual understanding that it was time to part ways.

The Vikings’ Tough Decision The Vikings faced a tight salary cap, prompting them to release Thielen and gain additional reserves. This, coupled with his performance dip, led to the end of a decade-long partnership.

A Farewell with Gratitude Thielen expressed his gratitude for the Vikings organization, appreciating the respectful handling of his departure. Though he wished for a fairy-tale ending, he understood the reality of the situation.

A New Chapter with the Panthers In March 2023, Thielen embarked on a new journey, signing a three-year, $25 million contract with the Carolina Panthers. His move signifies a fresh start in his NFL career.

What Lies Ahead for Thielen As Thielen dons the Panthers’ jersey, fans eagerly anticipate his performance in the upcoming season. With a new team and renewed determination, Thielen looks set for an exciting chapter in his football journey.