What Did Art Briles Do? Why Was Ex-Baylor Coach Art Briles Fired?



 Art Briles’ Rise in Football

Art Briles, also known as Art Briles, was once a well-respected football coach, known for his remarkable coaching skills. He started his coaching journey as an assistant at Sundown High School and Sweetwater High School, working his way up the ranks.


 Success in High School Coaching

Briles continued to climb the coaching ladder, eventually becoming the head coach for Hamlin High School and Georgetown High School. His coaching career hit a high point when he led Stephenville High School to four state championships, earning a stellar record of 165 wins, 46 losses, and 3 ties.


University of Houston and Baylor

Briles made the leap to the University of Houston, where he led the team to a Conference USA Championship with a 10-4 record. His success caught the attention of Baylor University, which had been struggling for years. Briles managed to turn things around, giving Baylor its first winning season in 15 years with a 7-5 record in 2010. The following year, he led Baylor to a remarkable 10-3 season, marking one of the team’s best performances in the Big 12 Conference.


 Scandal Forces Briles’ Departure

However, behind the scenes, there were disturbing allegations of sexual assault involving Baylor football players. These allegations came to light in 2016, leading to Briles’ termination. An investigation revealed that the university failed to take proper action against Briles’ alleged misconduct, including allegations of harassment against victims who came forward.


The Shocking Scandal at Baylor

The University of Baylor faced severe criticism for its inaction regarding the sexual misconduct allegations, some of which involved gang rape. The university’s failure to address these allegations tarnished its reputation and raised concerns about the safety of its students.


Fallout and Resignations

As a result of the scandal, Art Briles received a settlement from Baylor, and several key figures at the university, including university president Ken Starr, athletic director Ian McCaw, and Title IX coordinator Patty Crawford, resigned from their positions.


 Art Briles’ Return Stirs Controversy

In a surprising move, Art Briles resurfaced in the football world when he was seen on the field with Oklahoma Sooners offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby. This decision sparked outrage among fans and critics alike, who questioned the wisdom of allowing Briles back into the football arena, given the serious allegations against him.


 Public Reaction

Fans took to social media to express their strong disapproval of Briles’ presence on the field. Many argued that he should not have been given the opportunity to return to football, especially after the allegations surrounding his time at Baylor. Some fans called for Jeff Lebby’s removal from his coaching position due to his association with Briles.


Divided Opinions

The situation has ignited a debate, with some defending Briles on personal grounds, while others argue that his actions should not be overlooked. There is a divide among football enthusiasts regarding whether Briles should be allowed to continue his involvement in the sport.



Art Briles’ return to the football field has stirred controversy and reignited discussions about his past. While some believe in second chances, others firmly oppose his presence, considering the allegations against him during his time at Baylor University. The debate over Briles’ role in football continues to rage on.