What Did Ethan Do To Markiplier? What Happened To Ethan Nestor And Gamer Markiplier?



Ethan Nestor and Markiplier

Ethan Mark Nestor-Darling, also known as CrankGameplays, is a well-known YouTuber and used to work as an editor for Markiplier. He’s a versatile content creator, skilled in various aspects like writing, producing, editing, directing, and more.


The Unus Annus Project

Ethan and his close friend Markiplier embarked on a unique YouTube journey called Unus Annus. Their goal was to create and share as much content as possible for a whole year before deleting the channel. This project turned out to be a massive hit, attracting over 4 million subscribers.


Markiplier’s Live Stream

Recently, Markiplier caught everyone’s attention with a live stream on September 9th, titled “Ethan is DEAD to me.” In this stream, he publicly addressed Ethan Nestor, his former Unus Annus co-host.


 Did Ethan Betray Markiplier?

During the live stream, Markiplier made some surprising allegations, claiming that Ethan had “betrayed” him. Ethan had shared a confidential content idea with Markiplier, focusing on a new series called “Egghead Gumpty” based on an indie game titled the same. However, Ethan later uploaded a video playing this game, which caught Markiplier off guard.


Is the Drama Real?

Many viewers wondered if this drama was genuine or just a stunt for views. Markiplier responded to such queries, asserting that it would be “absurd” to fake it and jokingly suggested that those questioning it were probably Ethan using an alternate account. While it’s not entirely clear how deep this beef goes, Markiplier’s response suggests it’s not entirely a joke.


The Mystery Behind Unus Annus’ Deletion

To understand the roots of this controversy, we must delve into Unus Annus. Ethan and Markiplier used this channel to engage in various activities, straying from their usual gaming content. Nestor-Darling portrayed “Unus” while Mark Fischbach portrayed “Annus.”


The Purpose of Unus Annus

Unus Annus was created with a clear purpose – to provide viewers with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The hosts stressed the importance of living in the moment and making “every second count” within the one-year deadline. “Unus Annus” literally translates to “One Year” in Latin.


The Farewell Message

As they prepared to delete the channel, Mark and Ethan left their audience with a parting message. At the end of each video, they included the Latin phrase “Memento Mori,” which means “Remember that you have to die.” This served as a powerful reminder of human mortality.


Facing YouTube’s Algorithm

Despite Unus Annus going against YouTube’s algorithm by deleting content after a year, the creators remained committed to their unique project.



the recent drama between Ethan Nestor and Gamer Markiplier has left fans wondering about the state of their relationship. While the true extent of their conflict remains uncertain, it’s evident that Unus Annus was a project close to their hearts, emphasizing the importance of cherishing every moment.