What Did Helmut Marko Say To Checo, Aka Sergio Perez?



 Helmut Marko’s Controversial Remarks

Helmut Marko, an advisor at Red Bull, made comments about Checo, also known as Sergio Perez, that caused a stir. He said Checo, from Mexico, wasn’t as focused as some other drivers. This upset many people.


Backlash and Marko’s Explanation

People criticized Marko for his comments, calling them racist and wrong. Marko later said he was sorry, clarifying that he didn’t mean to generalize based on ethnicity.


Sergio Perez Responds Gracefully

Checo didn’t get angry. He accepted Marko’s apology and said he knew Marko didn’t mean to hurt him. Checo values their personal relationship and chose to move forward.


Checo’s Wise Perspective

Checo mentioned that if you just read the comments, they might seem hurtful. But because he knows Marko personally, he understands Marko didn’t mean any harm.

In a recent event, Helmut Marko, a key figure at Red Bull, spoke about Sergio Perez in a way that caused a lot of commotion. He said Checo, who hails from Mexico, doesn’t always focus as much as some other drivers. This statement upset many people.

This wasn’t the first time Marko’s comments stirred up trouble. Some even call him a ‘PR disaster’ for his unfiltered remarks about drivers. When discussing Checo’s mental strength, Marko’s words seemed out of place.

The comments quickly spread across the internet, and fans criticized Marko, calling him racist and xenophobic. They also pointed out that Perez is actually from Mexico, not South America. After facing days of criticism, Marko had to come forward to explain himself.

In his apology, Marko clarified that he didn’t mean to stereotype people based on their background. He admitted it was wrong to connect Checo’s performance to his cultural heritage.

Checo, however, handled the situation with grace. He accepted Marko’s apology and emphasized that he knew Marko didn’t mean any harm. Ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix, Checo talked to the media and expressed his understanding.

“I had a private conversation with him. He did apologize and that to me was the main thing. Yeah, basically we move on. I have a personal relationship with him, and I think you always have that, you can always have those feelings when you see that sort of stuff. Knowing the person helps a lot because I know he doesn’t mean it that way,” said the Mexican racing driver.

Checo also acknowledged that if you only read the comments, they might seem disrespectful. However, because of their personal relationship, he chose to focus on the intention behind the words.

In the end, Checo’s response showed a mature understanding of the situation. He chose not to let the comments define his relationship with Marko. This incident serves as a reminder that sometimes, personal connections can help us see beyond hurtful words.