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Games are tons of fun, right?

Whether it’s running around outside, playing indoors, or diving into video games, people all over the world love them.

But today, we’re diving into the exciting world of video games, where fans pour their time and energy. Some even make a career out of it, just like athletes! That’s the magic of the modern world. And in this realm of thrilling games, we have a new challenger: Starfield.


Starfield’s Big Debut

Guess what? Starfield is set to launch worldwide on September 6, 2023. The best part? It’s going to be available on Game Pass right from day one, so from September 6th, you can start your interstellar adventure. You’ll be able to play Starfield on Game Pass, various consoles, and PC through Steam and the Windows Store.


Did You Know? Playing Games Sparks Creativity!

But will Starfield win the coveted Game of the Year award? Starfield made its debut in 2018 and quickly became a strong contender for the title of “2023’s Game of the Year.” Starfield is a first-person space RPG game that’s all about exploring the vast unknown. It was created and released by Bethesda Game Studios.

In Starfield, you can explore space, hunt down bounties, build outposts on distant planets, and so much more. With a game like Starfield, the possibilities for fun are endless.


What’s the Price of Galactic Adventure?

But all this cosmic excitement comes at a price. The Standard edition of Starfield is available for $70, while the Premium edition costs $100. What’s special about the Premium edition, you ask? Well, it includes the Starfield Digital Artbook, Shattered Space story expansion, and the original soundtrack.

Now, if you start with the Standard edition but decide you want the Premium perks, you can upgrade for an additional $35. The Standard plan will then transform into the Premium one.

And for those who love collecting, there’s the “Starfield Constellation Edition” priced at $250. In this exclusive collection, gamers get a ‘Starfield Chronomark watch’ and a watch case. Unfortunately, this sought-after collection sold out last year.


When Can You Dive into Starfield on Game Pass?

Get ready to embark on your cosmic journey! Starfield will be available on Game Pass starting from its launch day on September 6, 2023. You’ll be able to enjoy it on consoles and PCs. Plus, the game will offer the ‘Play Anywhere’ feature, allowing you to seamlessly transfer your digital copy between Game Pass and PC at no extra cost.


Game Pass Subscription Options

Now, here’s how Game Pass works. It operates on a monthly subscription model. If you’re gaming on your PC alone, it’ll cost you $10 per month. For Xbox, it’s $11 a month, and if you want both, it’s $17 monthly.


Ready for Starfield Merchandise?

For those eager to show their Starfield love, you can grab some awesome merchandise from the Bethesda store. Gamers everywhere are buzzing on social media, eagerly waiting for the game’s stunning graphics and their chance to play it on their devices.