What Does Ace’s Tattoo “ASCE” Mean From One Piece

What Does Ace's Tattoo "ASCE" Mean From One Piece


One Piece, the beloved anime series, has its fair share of memorable characters, and Portgas D Ace is undoubtedly one of them. With his humor, captivating backstory, and surprising family ties, Ace left an indelible mark on fans. But amidst his popularity, one question has puzzled many: What does Ace’s tattoo “ASCE” on his right arm mean? In this article, we unravel the mystery behind this intriguing tattoo and check out its significance.

Ace’s Impact on One Piece Despite having limited screen time, Ace played a pivotal role in the One Piece universe. He not only raised Luffy but also contributed to his growth as a person. His tragic end left fans mourning, and his character remains deeply cherished among One Piece enthusiasts.

The Mystery of Ace’s Tattoo One of the enigmas surrounding Ace’s character was the tattoo on his upper left biceps, which spelled “ASCE.” Fans speculated tirelessly about the meaning behind these letters, with various theories emerging.


Some believed each letter represented something:

  1. “A” for Ace, his name.
  2. “S” for his sworn brother Sabo.
  3. “C” for “Cry Baby,” a nickname for Luffy.
  4. “E” for Edward Newgate, Ace’s father figure and mentor.

However, this speculation was debunked. While “Cry Baby” was an English term, the author, Eiichiro Oda, typically favors Japanese in his works. Additionally, Ace had the tattoo before joining the Whitebeard Pirates.

The True Meaning of “ASCE” The real meaning of Ace’s tattoo was revealed in “One Piece Green: Secret Pieces.” It contained only two letters: “A” for Ace and “S” for Sabo. The “S” also served as the centerpiece of Sabo’s jolly roger, a symbol that featured a capital “S” above crossed bones.


Ace’s Four Tattoos Ace

was known for his distinctive tattoos. Besides the “ASCE” on his left bicep, he had other meaningful tattoos. On his back, he proudly displayed the Whitebeard Pirates’ symbol, representing their captain, Edward Newgate. This symbol consisted of a cross-shaped arrangement of bones behind a purple skull with a white mustache.

The Letter “S” and Sabo’s Significance The presence of the letter “S” on Ace’s arm symbolized not only his own name but also his deep bond with Sabo. Sabo, his sworn brother, shared this emblem, featuring an “S” with two bones forming a cross behind it. Ace and Sabo’s friendship predated Luffy’s arrival, making this tattoo a natural choice for Ace.

The Crossed-Out “S” and Sabo’s Disappearance Sabo, Ace, and Luffy all shared the dream of becoming pirates. Sabo’s pursuit of this dream led him to leave Goa, leaving Ace and Luffy behind. During his journey, Sabo encountered a Celestial Dragon’s ship and was presumed dead after an attack.

To honor Sabo and his jolly roger, Ace crossed out the letter “S” in his tattoo. This act symbolized his loyalty and love for his missing brother. However, a surprising twist in Chapter 596 revealed an alternate reality where all three brothers were alive, and Ace’s tattoo read “ACE” instead of the original “ACSE.”

Ace’s Unique Style Ace’s choice of attire revealed intriguing aspects of his personality. From his iconic hat to the red bead necklace, he had a distinctive fashion sense. Most notably, Ace often appeared shirtless.

He initially wore an open shirt but abandoned it after getting the Whitebeard Pirates’ tattoo on his back. This decision likely signified his respect for the Whitebeard’s jolly roger and his allegiance to the crew. After all, who wouldn’t want to see Ace proudly displaying his affiliation?


My Conclusive View

Portgas D Ace’s “ASCE” tattoo, though initially shrouded in mystery, now holds a clear and heartfelt meaning. It represents his name and his unbreakable bond with Sabo. Ace’s story continues to captivate fans, and his tattoos serve as lasting reminders of his character’s depth and significance in the One Piece world.