What Happened To Co-Host Shirley Strawberry? What Did Shirley Strawberry’s Husband Do?



A recent incident involving Shirley Strawberry, co-host of ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show,’ has grabbed the public’s attention. Let’s break down what happened and understand the situation.


The Leaked Conversation

Shirley Strawberry had a conversation with her ex-husband, Ernesto Williams, while he was in jail. Unexpectedly, this talk went public, causing quite a commotion. In the conversation, Shirley talked about Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie’s, lavish lifestyle. She mentioned Marjorie’s own spa and workout room, which left her in awe. Shirley also shared her perception that Steve may act differently around his wife.


Shirley’s Apology

Realizing the impact of her words, Shirley Strawberry later apologized for what she said. She expressed regret for adding to any difficulties that Steve and Marjorie might be facing. The apology was heartfelt, and Shirley genuinely wanted to make amends.


Steve Harvey’s Reaction

Steve Harvey, on the other hand, wasn’t personally hurt by Shirley’s words. Instead, he was more concerned about Marjorie and wanted to shield her from any negativity. His response showed his care and protectiveness towards his wife.

Shirley’s Husband, Ernesto Williams

Shirley Strawberry’s estranged husband, Ernesto Williams, is currently serving time in Atlanta Fulton County Jail. He faces serious charges including gun possession, theft, fraud, and child pornography. Reports suggest he’ll be in jail for 23 months. Besides this, Ernesto has had a long career as a hairstylist, owning and running “Ernesto Cuts” for over twenty years.



The controversy surrounding Shirley Strawberry has brought forth a mix of emotions and discussions. It’s essential to remember that people go through difficult times, and compassion goes a long way. Let’s hope that Shirley, Ernesto, and everyone involved find their way through this challenging situation.