What Happened To Hot 101.5 Tampa Bay?



 A Fresh Beat for Hot 101.5 Fans

Hot 101.5, the beloved radio station in Tampa, Florida, has been a go-to for news and tunes since the 1960s. Recently, the station’s owners, CMG Group, decided it was time for a change.


 From Hot to The Vibe: What’s Behind the Shift?

Over the years, CMG Group has switched up the station’s focus to match what people want to hear. They’ve covered everything from love songs to top hits. Now, in 2023, they’re embracing Adult R&B. Why? Well, today’s listeners are on the lookout for fresh sounds and podcasts.


What to Expect from 101.5 The Vibe

101.5 The Vibe is all about today’s music lovers. They kicked off this new vibe with Mary J. Blige’s “Just Fine.” You can expect tracks from big names like Usher, Alicia Keys, and Mary J. Blige. It’s music for everyone.


 More Than Just Music

Unlike before, this change doesn’t just mean a switch in tunes. Listeners can now enjoy the hilarious Rickey Smiley’s Morning Show. It’s packed with laughs and new insights. Chris Eagon, the big boss at CMG Radio, explained their plan:

“101.5 The Vibe is the latest addition to our portfolio of award-winning Urban AC stations in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Atlanta. We program our radio stations with local research and audience feedback, so they are tailored to each market.”


A Win for Advertisers and Listeners

This shift isn’t just for the fans. It’s a win for advertisers too. They’ll have a better chance to connect with the Tampa market and the people tuning in.


Are You a Hot 101.5 Fan? Share Your Thoughts!

Are you one of the Hot 101.5 loyal listeners? How long have you been tuning in? The new vibe is here, and it’s all set to make your listening experience even better. Let us know what you think!