What Happened To Josh Owens On Moonshiners



 A Motorcycle Mishap

Josh Owens, the famous Moonshiners actor, faced a serious incident at the Daytona International Speedway on March 4, 2023. During a motorcycle race, he suffered severe injuries, causing concern among his fans worldwide. Rumors of his demise circulated but were later proven false.


 Josh’s Hospital Update

On Monday, Josh Owens, for the first time since the accident, shared a video from his hospital bed to update his fans about his condition. In the video, he revealed a graphic wound, held together by 50 staples, and a prominent scar. While acknowledging the precariousness of his situation, he expressed optimism about his recovery.


Global Support for Josh

Fans from across the globe have been sending their prayers and well wishes to Josh Owens. The outpouring of support is heartwarming. However, this isn’t the first time Josh has faced adversity.


Previous Brush with Injury

In late 2021, Josh Owens experienced a different mishap when his vintage motorcycle’s tire blew out, causing him to crash. He suffered a torn rotator cuff, a broken left collarbone, a shoulder blade injury, and rib fractures. Remarkably, he made a full recovery and bounced back stronger.


Josh Owens’ Background

Born on August 28, 1977, to the legendary moonshiner Jim Tom Hedrick, Josh Owens is now 45 years old. He hails from Columbus, North Carolina, and joined the Moonshiners cast at the age of 35.


 From Motocross to Moonshining

Josh Owens initially pursued a career as a motocross rider, but life led him to the world of distilling. He has since become one of the most recognizable faces on the Discovery channel. Fans adore his straightforward personality, practicality, and remarkable moonshine-making skills.


 Josh’s Net Worth

Through his on-screen persona, Josh Owens has amassed a substantial net worth, reaching one million dollars as of 2022.

The Reality of Moonshiners

While Moonshiners has captured the hearts of many viewers, it’s essential to understand that the show, like other reality TV programs, is scripted and produced. Magilla Entertainment, known for its reality TV production, is behind the show, and several cast members are actors.

Moonshiners and the Law

Moonshiners, in real life, can operate legally if they obtain the required permits and pay taxes. The show portrays the activities of Appalachian residents who carry on a tradition passed down through generations, making moonshine deep in the mountains of Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.

A Different Legal Landscape

Cast members often claim to have in-depth legal knowledge, but the reality is that the law in the mountains operates differently, with a focus on selling alcohol to children rather than mere distillation.

Josh Owens’ Recovery Prospects

Given Josh Owens’ adventurous spirit and history of overcoming challenges, there’s no doubt that he will bounce back from this setback. As a professional racer and a skilled distiller, he has pledged to return to the Moonshiners show, ready to entertain us once more. Let’s all keep our hopes high for his swift recovery.