What Happened To Ken Rosato What Did Ken Rosato Say


 A Surprising Turn of Events

In a surprising turn of events in the world of television news, Ken Rosato, the familiar face of Eyewitness News This Morning on WABC-TV, was abruptly let go from his position. For over 15 years, Rosato had been a consistent presence on the network, earning accolades and recognition for his work. However, his sudden departure on May 13, 2023, has left viewers and colleagues puzzled.


The Career of Ken Rosato

Ken Rosato began his journey in the media industry as a reporter in the early 2000s. Over the years, he wore many hats, serving as a radio host, news director, and anchor. In 2007, Rosato made a significant transition, becoming an anchor for Eyewitness News This Morning and Eyewitness News at Noon. Notably, he received an Emmy Award for his coverage of a steam pipe explosion in New York in July 2007. His career was on an upward trajectory, making his sudden dismissal all the more shocking.


The Unexplained Termination

The termination of Ken Rosato’s contract at ABC came as a bolt from the blue. The network chose not to renew his contract due to an undisclosed comment he made while off the air, which was inadvertently captured on an open microphone. What’s remarkable is that neither Rosato’s colleagues nor the public were aware of the comment’s content, leaving them in the dark about the reasons behind his firing.


The Abrupt Dismissal

Adding to the intrigue, Ken Rosato was let go without any prior notice or discussions. Colleagues were called in individually to meet with management, but none were provided with details about the comment in question. Shortly after his dismissal, Rosato’s bio disappeared from the company’s website, leaving no trace of his 15-year tenure with ABC.


Fan Outrage and Suspicions

The sudden and unexplained departure of Ken Rosato has sparked outrage among his devoted fans, some of whom are now calling for a boycott of ABC. They demand transparency and an explanation for the decision to terminate such a long-serving anchor. Some suspect foul play, while others are concerned about the severity of the comment that led to Rosato’s dismissal.


The Mystery Comment

Speculations have arisen regarding the content of the comment that cost Ken Rosato his job. An insider suggested it might have been a racial slur, but Rosato’s representative vehemently denied this claim, stating that such an accusation was “100 percent inaccurate and untrue.” Rosato’s track record of supporting equality over his 20-year career at WABC was highlighted in his defense.


Silence from ABC News

ABC News has remained tight-lipped about the entire affair, offering no official statement or clarification regarding Rosato’s firing. The network’s silence has left both the media industry and the general public in a state of confusion and curiosity.


A Year of Upheaval in Media

Ken Rosato’s abrupt departure adds to a growing list of media personalities who have been let go in 2023. Notably, Tucker Carlson, the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, was similarly fired without a public explanation. CNN also parted ways with Don Lemon in late April due to controversy surrounding his comments. These incidents highlight the fragile nature of one’s position in the media industry, with some deserving consequences and others possibly caught up in a broader scope of events.


The Future of Eyewitness News

The departure of Ken Rosato has left many Eyewitness News viewers wondering about the future of the program. Were you a regular viewer of “Ken’s Eye Witnesses”? Are you planning to continue watching the show without him? Share your thoughts and feelings about this decision in the comments below.

As the mystery surrounding Ken Rosato’s firing continues to baffle audiences and colleagues alike, one can’t help but wonder when, or if, the truth behind this unexpected exit will be revealed. In the world of television news, where transparency is paramount, the silence surrounding this incident is raising more questions than answers.