What happened to Moonshiners Josh Owens? Accident caused severe injuries



Moonshiners fans were hit with concern as their beloved star, Josh Owens, shared updates from his hospital bed following a serious motorcycle accident. Let’s delve into the details of what transpired and the injuries he endured.


A Grim Day at Daytona: Josh’s Fateful Accident

In early March, tragedy struck as Josh Owens, the revered face of Moonshiners, found himself in the midst of a harrowing motorcycle crash at Florida’s renowned Daytona International Speedway. The repercussions were grave, leaving Josh with a shattered neck, a fractured back, both legs broken, and an injured arm.

Despite the dire situation, Josh, displaying unwavering resilience, addressed his followers on Instagram, asserting, “I’m tough as a pine nut, and I’ll be here until God brings me home.” He expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support from fans.


A Glimpse into Recovery: Josh’s Brave Update

It wasn’t until three weeks post-accident, on March 27, that Moonshiners star Josh Owens mustered the strength to share his first hospital video. As rumors about his injuries swirled, fellow star Tim Smith took to social media to acknowledge the wave of support.

Tim revealed that, while both of Josh’s arms were on the mend, the road to recovery was long and arduous. The Moonshiners family rallied around their fallen comrade, offering encouragement and strength.


Bearing Scars of Resilience: Josh’s Unyielding Spirit

Soon after, Josh bravely showcased the battle scars etched across his leg while undergoing a bandage change. This glimpse into his recovery journey resonated deeply with his 72,000 followers.

Although a plethora of injuries and broken bones weighed him down, Josh chose to reveal only the leg injury to his dedicated followers. Their messages of hope and support flooded in, underscoring the collective strength of the Moonshiners community.

As Josh Owens navigates this challenging chapter of recovery, his unwavering spirit and the support of his fans stand as beacons of hope. The Moonshiners star, known for his resilience in the face of adversity, is sure to emerge from this trial stronger than ever.